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From the cops:
Officers were dispatched to the Ross store in the Hub Sunday to break up a cat-fight. One lady told the officer that she was human and the proud owner of a brain. She then started to curse the officer and finally pushed him, before he cuffed her.

A 30-something-year-old man in black clothes, a white beanie and a scarf covering his face walked into the Cold Stone Creamery at Pacific Commons Sunday looking for money. He showed the store clerk his knife, and the clerk handed over the contents of the store’s safe.

This one is a puzzler. Fremont police served a search warrant in connection to a $44,000 rink stolen out of Concord. The suspect wasn’t present. Hard to believe that anyone who could afford a $44,000 ring would choose to live in Cankerd.

A couple walking near Besco Drive and Piper Street were approached by two-short men, one of whom was carrying a pistol and relieved the couple of a driver’s license and a debit card.

Newark police arrested an active duty soldier on suspicion of domestic battery. Turns out the victim’s car was parked in the Fremont BevMo. Inside the car were grenades the soldier had brought back from his military post. Bomb squad was called in to deal with them.

A landlord decided to confront a tenant about not paying rent. At the home, he found about 170 marijuana plants. Cops didn’t give the location.

Fremont cops answered a CHP call to stop a car with a lost or stolen plate. Cops stopped the car around NUMMI, and all three occupants bolted.  Cops determined that the car was stolen. The also found a fake gun inside. And slowly but surely, they rounded up all of the occupants, including the driver, who was 14 years old.

From the National Football League:
Amazingly there were six blog comments during the Eagles-Giants disaster on Sunday. Don’t you people get Fox or know someone who does.  Somewhere in Fremont, John Herndon is wearing a purple jumpsuit, sipping Welch’s grape juice, and listening to Prince with a big smile on his face.

Last team to blow a 20-point fourth quarter lead? The 2006 Giants … to Tennessee. I watched that game in Fremont. It sucked, but not as much as Sunday’s game, which was the most epic Giants collapse since this one in 2003.

“Krithpee Creems, let’s get a box” — 49ers Quarterback Jeff Garcia’s call to arms.

Matt Artz


  1. What is happening in Fremont latley with this criminal activity, had this been going on all along and we just have been blind to it?
    Is that the guy that ran for city council, is he a Eagles fan Matt?

  2. “Sunday’s game, which was the most epic Giants collapse since this one in 2003.” We weren’t going to rub salt in the wounds Martz, but since you brought it up…WTF happened to the Gints? They need to start letting their star players carry handguns again.

    WCG123 – It’s been happening.

  3. I think we need to stop bickering over who is in city council and find a way to pressure them to put our safety as a high priority than the A’s stadium!!! Having new homes is very nice it shows growth but if we can’t protect the residents from these petty thieves then why create new homes? Is it going to take someone being murdered to get the attention that we have a rising problem here?

  4. Precisely the kind of furvor the “safety” unions want to see created in the minds of their taxpayers WCG – keep up the panic, fan those flames of fear and you’ll be GLAD to pass additional taxes in the interest of safety, an increasing portion of which will go to pay for retiree’s pensions . . . meanwhile back on the farm, more crime headlines please.

  5. WCG123 #4
    Please check your facts. There are several places on the web that will give you Fremonts crime rate. If you had checked you would see that crime has generally trended downward the last couple of years.
    Of course if you are on the far right, do not let facts stand in your way!

  6. West, check my facts? What the hell are you talking about check my facts, can you not see crime is happening? It isn’t like nothing is going on, this isn’t Mayberry 1964!!! You must go home at 5 and lock yourself in at 6 in order to be blind to the fact. Yeah this isn’t Oakland or Richmond but how would you feel if you were a store clerk trying to make a living and some smuck comes in and rob you? West there are innocent people out here trying tomake a living and because you may not have been a victim don’t act like nothing is happening worth the attention of the community!

  7. WCG123 #7
    It is obvious that you have not checked the crime rates for Fremont. Your emotional plea, with no facts. Crime is not a good thing, but to cause alarm over something that simply is not true, shame on you. Check the data!
    On to another matter to all you blogers….

  8. West, you have to be the biggest idiot I have ever seen write in the blog, check my facts you say? If 1 incident has occurred then we could not panic but the fact remains there is something to be cautious about! Whether you are alarmed that is on you but don’t come after me because I ask questions about the crime happening! Find a hobby if you have nothing better to do but I am not the one to attack because I attack back!!! So try to bully someone else….

  9. WCG123
    I check my facts. I do not blog about something that is not true, intentionally.
    I agree that any crime is not good, but to get people alarmed about something that is not accurate, that is also bad.
    Sorry you are offended, but please check your facts.
    Here is one of many sites that report crime statistics.
    Just trying to help you out.

  10. Attention WCG123,
    The link in your latest post clearly states the following

    Data Source:2003 FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

    I have direct knowledge that the crime rate is up and climbing in the Warm Springs District. Residential Burglaries are occuring almost every day in this district. Not only that but armed robberies are up, petty theft, identity theft, stolen vehicles, etc.

    Pretty much every crime in the book have increased.

  11. Martin,
    Can you share, where you got your crime data, statistics.
    There is always some anecdotal information but not good data.
    There are people who read the paper and think crime is going up or those who think there is better reporting of crime!

  12. Hey West, do you agree that if the police are called and out to a possible criminal activity and their investigation proves to be such then it is written as a “crime”? If every other day the police are called and arrest are made and or suspects have gotten away then the crime did occur? If we agree to that then we are almost thinking th the same…. Now who keeps score or stats does not mean it is not happening West, please tell me you are smarter than that… when most folks in this blog are saying that it is rising but you who live in a cave says it is lies…. Wow, let me help you out with something…. if the weather man didn’t say it was going to rain today but you look outside and see the groud wet and water falling from the sky…. it is raining West!!!

  13. WCG123
    I am having a problem following your posts, either crime is down our not, if you think it is up then show me the data!

  14. West, show me the data that says it is down… don’t show me 2003, if you have not hear this is 2010 soon to be 2011!!!

  15. This whole debate is probably the worst waste of time ever on this blog. Arguing over anecdotal material and old data seems to be pretty non productive.

    The FBI publishes crime data every year and it is readily available. I googled FBI crime stats by city and found lots of information.

    The FBI groups crimes into two categories, violent crime (Murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and property crime (Burglary, larceny, auto theft, and arson.) The data are available by a range of groups, including cities. I pulled the data since 2004.

    Violent crime total

    2004 454
    2005 521
    2006 569
    2007 608
    2008 575
    2009 490
    2010 532 (first six months extrapolated for whole year)

    Property crime total

    2004 5723
    2005 4803
    2006 5298
    2007 5173
    2008 4893
    2009 4978
    2010 4216 (first six months extrapolated for whole year)

    Our average violent crime total is 530 and the property crime average is 5012. I’m not a statistician, but I don’t seen any trend in these data. Some years are better than others and some are worse. The lowest violent crime total was my last year as mayor and I wanted take credit until I saw that that was also the year of the highest property crime total, so I take no credit or blame, It is what it is.

    Now can we get into productive arguments again.

  16. West
    I get my “DATA” because I live in the WS District and I know alot of the people in the area, and I read alot and I am regulary on line. This area is not what it was 10 years ago, let alone 20 years ago. As Gus stated : lets discuss other things. Why are local crimes barely reported on in the Argus ? If were lucky there might be 1 or 2 stories that pertain to Fremont on any given day…I guess there just isn’t any newsworthy things going on in our town or districts. Pretty sad.

  17. One thing I notice is as I get older more people start to look like criminals. Much of this is perception over reality, as I am less able to identify with late teens and early twenty somethings as I get older, so they appear foreign and suspicious. So, I’m not so sure I should be taken seriously if I were say ‘things just look differently than they did 10 years ago, so therefore crime is up.’

  18. Two things to add –

    1. Data which Gus supplies is for total crime COUNTS – not crime RATES (both of which are reported in the FBI UCR) –

    2. More importantly, instead of limiting ones’ view of crime to the most recent 4-5 year period as Gus chooses – – if you expand the time axis of data beyond 2004 there are some very clear trends in total violent crime RATES and COUNTS reported . . .

    Specifically, for the period 1985 thru 1995, total violent crime data were running almost double (and in some years more) then the most recently reported years.
    CLEARLY – rates of violent crime are currently well below that which most residents have previously experienced . . . .

    But, keep suggesting something to the contrary – it’s good for the economy.

  19. Gus, with all do respect we have a right to debate what we wish and you are not the “end all” to conversations! If the data you showed has a 0-100 then I would not have anything to say but the fact is as I said before there are victims of crime that could care less about the numbers. When a person goes to work and tries to earn an honest living and some knuckle head violates them, your numbers doesn’t tell the story for us by saying “crime is down according to the FBI”. I am sure you are smarter than that…. When unemployment is on the rise then crime rises as well, because you have not become a victim there are residents in Fremont who have been victimized. So the reason of alarm is what a community activist as yourself should do is help make people aware of surroundings and situations to avoid becoming a victim to crime. It should not take a serious injury to make you and west aware… your numbers show 532 violent crimes, wow that is 532 victims!!!

  20. <i?your numbers show 532 violent crimes, wow that is 532 victims

    Yes, but crime is still down.

  21. ” . . . wow that is 532 victims!!!”

    That’s exactly right WCG and in 2007 there were 606 victims and in 1998 there were 677 and in 1994 there was 1155 and in 1995 there was 1214 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you imagine ??

    That’s more than TWICE as many victims in 1995 as compared to 2010 . . . . . things must have been just terrible in those days, what was it like back then ??????

  22. Box, I think what WCG is trying to say is that the estimated 532 victims in 2010 are more victim-ish. Their victimization is more real because they were victims this year, so they count as double.

    …or WCG was personally robbed in 2010, so crime must the rise.

  23. I give up on this one. “Data” is not knowing a victim of a crime. But go ahead and ignore numbers and argue emotions, just don’t pretend it is data.

  24. I would completely agree with the notion that as a whole we are more victimish in 2010 . . . No doubt whatsoever

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