Ishan wins an election

ishanToday the California Community College Student Senate, tomorrow governing council of barefoot slam dunkers: Ishan Shah is on his way.

He’ll represent the interests of students at 13 community colleges, begging legislatures not to cut funds. He’ll be one of the few pols in Sacramento to have been interviewed on the BBC. Give ’em hell, Ishan.

Matt Artz


  1. A quick google for the California Community College Student Senate left me wiser as to what it is you will be doing in Sacramento. This seems to be a serious responsibility. You ARE the primary voice of those thirteen colleges in the state’s capitol. Make us proud Senator.

  2. Ishan is a great person for this job!! I know that he will represent Ohlone and the 12 other colleges well! He has pretty big shoes to fill from the previous Senator, but we are confident he can do it!

  3. WHy not get your degree first and then let things fall into place…. your name in lights is great but at the end of the day there needs to be more than a smile to offer people! I don’t know if we are paying attention but it isn’t 1950’s anymore…. there are real life issues that need real attention from someone who knows what to do! Ishan appears to be all over the place, city council, Ohlone Board… what next for you within a year? Unstable is what it appears to be!

  4. Wcg needs to cool his jets. Ishan may not have been ready for the ohlone board but what’s your problem with him being in student government? Who are we to say he’s all over the place when he had to convince thirteen college’s worth of students that he was a good fit for the job? I say keep it up. Try new things and find out what you’re good at.

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