Doughnut protest over Ohlone Prez’s raise


An Ohlone College union is still angry about the 14 percent raise Ohlone President Gari Browning is getting. Instead of giving her quality doughnuts from Lloyd’s for Christmas this year, union leaders bought her the crappy Safeway brand that never goes bad and never tastes good.

Actually the doughnuts were part of a protest. They want the college “make them whole” like a doughnut would be if you put the doughnut hole — or as we New Yorkers would say, the munchkin —  in the doughnut. See for yourself, below:


Matt Artz


  1. You can imagine that it’s not all that difficult to assemble a room full of people I don’t like. But a public administrator about to get a 14% raise and a handful of people wearing “Union Yes!” shirts makes it very easy.

  2. Can we just get real.The high cost of education is bad enough.We don’t need to give the Prez of community college a raise of 14% when the a lot of the people in this country are struggling.Probably a lot of the students.
    As far as unions go the wage you make today has a lot to do with organized labor.

  3. From my experience as a trustee and a business owner, the basic problem facing the Ohlone unions is that they like the way the world was or wish it were. The private sector both union and non-union have adjusted to the global economy and the public sector union Ohlone has not.
    Starting from the Obama administration and many others the message is major changes and overhaul of work rules are needed. Ohlone’s selective reading and anti-choice and anti-change ways are a growing problem to the students (customers) and private sector taxpayers ( owners)
    In some ways the CSEA has a legitimate gripe but that is because of the way they negotiate. I was often disapointed and suprised by the things they asked for and did not ask for.
    The mission of Ohlone is providing a quality affordable education. That is the basis of which all negotiations should start from. Ohlone has a limited budget and almost unlimited needs. A key question needs to be asked and answered. Is the money being spent best used to help our students and taxpayers. We need to recruit and retain the best emplyoyees and not keep those that are not or outside groups or part timers can perform better. Just as the football union does not pay punters the same as quarterback or just because you have more experience you get a higher wage. Ohlone needs to review its compensation and work rules
    As for Dr. Browning raise the board lost its two fiscal conservatives in me and John Weed. And it also lost its strongest and consistent advocate for open governing in me.
    If you are interested in writing and exploring ways to make Ohlone better for our students and community I hope you will join in the conversation

  4. If a “leader” told her employees that they were “family” and thereby snowed them into voting for furlough days that amounted to a 3.2% pay decrease when the College had money, that would be bad enough. The fact is that this “leader” did just that AND THEN accepted a 14% raise after the employees sacrificed. I think that these employees are more than civilized with their crappy doughnuts, given the fact that Browning just “mugged” them for thousands and thousands of dollars. The one who doesn’t fundamentally understand this new down economy is Browning, not the regular employee of Ohlone.

  5. Ohlone could most likely easily afford to pay classified employees’ benefits and give all bargaining units, deans, and administration an equal percentage raise if they didn’t give the president a raise equal to what some people make in a year, and if they fired the lawyer who is paid to do what the V.P. of Human Resources is already paid to do.

  6. And although it is a different area… what about Nancy Farber getting the large raise? The WHOLE board voted for it. They are afraid she will leave if they did not get the raise. I would say… where would she go? And she lives next to work. Sure hope they have some good candidates running next time.

    Back to this blog…14% in crazy also for Ms. Browning. As was pointed out in a previous comment when employees are taking furloughs.

    Come on…

  7. shocking that our Ohlone-college-trustee-wannabe has chosen to not weigh in on this very very important matter . . . . . silence is consent. . . .

    most sad.

  8. Bbox, sounds like that Ohlone-college-trustee-wannabe is really getting serious about another attempt at Fremont City Council. In local politics that silence is golden and fruitful.

  9. Sigh… Well I’m on vacation but here goes:

    I am not in favor of giving individuals raises while the majority suffers from cuts and furlough days. Any implication otherwise is 100% inacurate.

    That being said, Ohlone is contractually obligated to give the president the raise, one which she has deferred for two years already. I don’t like it one bit but at the end of the day, incentives are the only way we will get qualified individuals to do very important work. While I had sincerely hoped the president would have elected not to take her raise for the sake of the ohlone community, I will respect her exercising the right of a job she has earned.

    A side note, please keep the family officer Stewart Dawson of Ohlone’s security corps in your thoughts and prayers tonight. RIP sir.

  10. Ohlone-college-trustee-wannabe?? Really? At least he made an attempt to be part of the solution and not the problem. Instead of complaining he tried to do something about it.

    He may not be on the Board just yet, but as a Student he has his own avenues to go through, the Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) Student Government, then via Shared Governance (College Council), then to the Student Trustee (Kevin Feliciano) who will take it to the board. But you have to understand that the students (at least) don’t get a vote on Board decisions. Though they are a sitting member on the Board of Trustees, CA Education Code does not allow them to have a full vote.

  11. Ohlone student hit the nail on the head when it comes to student involvement. We sometimes forget that at the end of the day this institutions serve the students….and students have not been given a voting representative on the board.

  12. this institution serves* Seriously fumbling on the keyboard today!

  13. Unbelievable leap of logic Mr Box.

    Let’s go that route to satisfy your emotions on this. After the election I emailed Kathy McDonald the last of my blog posts to the FCNisBacon blog where I made my argument for her entering the race primarily to enrich herself. She never responded, so it must be true.

  14. “. . . unbelievable. . . ” ?

    Where have you been, Marty ?

    A little expansion of your intellectual horizons might be in order – – –

    “Silence implies consent” is a concept of social interaction, which states roughly that people tend to assume lack of response to an action as tacit approval of that action.

    An example of the thought process: If nobody complains about the plastic gnome I placed in my front yard, then it must be that nobody’s bothered by it. In fact, everybody may be bothered by it; they’re just being silent. You can’t be sure that their silence truly means they are consenting to it.

    On the other side of the coin, if you are being silent about an issue, be aware that others may very well be interpreting that as consent.

    The maxim is Qui tacet consentiret: the maxim of the law is “Silence gives consent”. A quote from SirThomasMore

    The phrase actually survives in several languages Wie zwijgt, stemt toe (Dutch), Quien se calla, otorga (Spanish), Qui ne dit mot, consent (French), Quem cala, consente (Portuguese).

    Informally phrased as “You snooze, you lose”

    We *could* go on and on ad nauseum. . . . but, hopefully, you’ll grasp the concept.

  15. Box, Everyone despises the gnome. It’s implied. Like the topic of this post, some items in life are so obviously grotesque that they don’t need confirmation of disapproval… and Ishan is on vacation, so apologize.

    Nevertheless, let’s exercise the observation from “SirThomasMore”, Qui tacet Consenterit:

    The Fremont Citizens Network is a NAMBLA affiliate. Bbox231 is a member.

    Sir Thomas to the rescue!

  16. Marty, how do you imagine it’s possible to enrich yourself running a political campaign without establishment support? I’m sure enquiring minds would love to know your new secret path to wealth – I certainly can’t envision it.

  17. My dear Charlotte, that isn’t what I’m talking ’bout.

    But let the record show that qui tacet consentirat, Bbox231 should not be trusted around children.

  18. No need for apologies marty. You guys keep me sharp; I welcome it!

    Happy almost new year all. =]

  19. That Marty would characterize mine as “grotesque” and “unbelievable” can only be the finest of compliments – – – to any that possess a connection to reality that is.

    That OhloneStudent overlooks the fundamental rights and responsibilities of those of us who have paid into our democratic system for decades both with our time and our hard-earned dollars is simply a testimony to his/her youthful exuberance . . and I encourage Ohlonestudent to keep on hitting those books, it’ll sink in sooner or later !

    But – as purported supporters of Ishan – I am shocked that both would exhibit such a blatant disrespect for Ishan’s ability to speak and think for himself that they are motivated to immediately rise to his defense. . . . indeed a curious emotional reaction which begs yet another question . . . .

    P.S. – even Ishan “gets” the benefits of discourse – – – too bad his fan base does not.

  20. Box, I like how you drop your usual brand rudeness, then when it doesn’t work out, you tread back and play the discourse card. Here’s to things never changing in the new year.

  21. In a jury trial, Marty would be called as an expert witness in matters of rudeness . . . I am certain.

    I can think of few greater pleasures than to be considered at opposites with the nonesense proliferated by Marty and his ilk.

  22. The actions of the Ohlone Board of Trustees was a violation of the Brown Act. Public employee salaries are a matter of public record and the administration of Ohlone College did not intend to make the information public before the salary increase was a fait accompli! The 14% raise is frustrating and upsetting, but even more so is the way the whole thing has been done. It has been discussed and agreed to during closed session at the November board meeting. There has been no previous notification of the the board’s intention to give Browning a raise. The unions were pressured to agree on their medical coverage BEFORE a December 1st deadline. And the details of the agreed-upon increase was not made public until an college employee accidentally stumbled on the notation within the unapproved minutes that would be voted on at the December board meeting. The employee when asking for a copy of the contract was told the information was “unavailable” for 2 days until the day of the board meeting and after a letter was sent to the board pointing out the Brown Act violation.

    The Ohlone community has since received a communication from the President of the Board, Rich Watters, stating that the Board will vote to approve the raise at the January Board meeting. This appears to be another possible Brown Act violation, where the Board members have agreed to take action as a group during discussions carried on outside of the proper venue.

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