One heck of a union contract

Our riveting holiday season coverage continues next week with my story about a proposed 8 percent increase to water bills that will cost most of you about $36 a year.

The water district sent out a mailer this week explaining  the need for a rate hike. It mentions capital projects, lower revenue, and rising operating expenses.

But it doesn’t mention that one rising operating expense is the contract it signed with its only union, which represents more than 60 percent of district employees.

In July, 2008 — less than three months before Lehman went under and the stock market collapsed — the district agreed to a five-year union contract that provides employees with a 4 percent raise every year through 2013.

You can read the contract here. The salary schedule is on page 30.

Matt Artz


  1. I have capital projects, lower revenue, and rising operating expenses. Who can I ask for more money to cover the variance?

  2. Imagine if there was a mandate to transfer an amount of money into your retired parent’s bank account that was greater than the amount you spent on your children’s education.

    We do that in California. Thank you Democrats.

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