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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Police conducted a Christmas Eve security check at Motel 6. The check turned up a guest on probation, who had a search clause for drugs. The searched his room, found drugs and arrested him.

It appears a man accidentally shot himself while driving near the intersection Mowry and Peralta and then crashed into something on Christmas Eve. Officers arrived to find a female passenger with significant injuries. The driver had run away, but police found him in front of the Waterside Apartments. The 19-year-old Hayward resident was drunk and uncooperative. He also had a gunshot wound to his upper left thigh. Both driver and passenger were taken to Eden Medical Center. Later the driver was arrested and taken to Santa Rita.

An officer stopped a car at Fremont and Grimmer Boulevards Sunday. After smelling marijuana in the vehicle, the officer began to search. The driver ran away, but was caught and arrested. The search turned up both marijuana and a handgun stolen out of Stockton.

Two vehicle repo men say a man pulled a gun on them and fired into the air at 36000 Donner Way. Police came and arrested the man for brandishing a weapon and a parole violation.

Matt Artz

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