More on Ohlone bond money going to pay administrator salaries

One of the commenters wrote that I should be ashamed of myself for writing “a TMZ” headline about the Ohlone bond.

No shame felt.

But I am mad at myself for being asleep at the wheel in Septmeber when the board approved using Measure A bond money to pay for administration salaries. It may well have been legal, but here’s the ballot language for Measure A back in 2002:

Measure A. Ohlone College Renovation and Improvement Measure — Fremont/Newark Community College District
16111 / 56.2% Yes votes
12506 / 43.7% No votes
“To allow Ohlone College to increase educational opportunities, raise student achievement, improve health/safety conditions; acquire, construct, equip an Ohlone Newark Center/site for academic, technology/nursing programs; construct Student Support Building at the Fremont Campus; renovate classrooms and buildings, upgrade and equip computer labs, libraries, science labs, and classrooms; shall Fremont-Newark Community College District issue $150,000,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, appoint a Citizens’ Oversight Committee, require annual audits, with no money for administrators’ salaries?”

Fremont News of the Day

From the wire:
An interesting and thorough story about Afghans in Fremont from Judith Miller (Yes, that Judith Miller) It’s good, but I’m sure you guys will spot the big error in the first sentence. Read it here.

I wrote this story Sabercat Creek hoping it would run while the city was on furlough and I was desperate for copy, but we had to run it yesterday.

More money for Fremont’s WaferGen

From the cops:
DUI Checkpoint from 7:00 p.m. to midnight Saturday on northbound Fremont Boulevard in front
of Centerville Jr. High School.

Cops will still be patrolling city streets during the two weeks City Hall is shut down, but there will be some service reductions. Here’s the rundown:
The Police Department will respond to all 9-1-1 emergency and animal service calls over the two week period. The Police Department’s front lobby will be OPEN to the public from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, December 20-22 and December 27-29. The lobby will be CLOSED December 23-24 and December 30-31.

In addition, the following Police Administrative Services will be modified and/or not available beginning December 20, 2010:

– Red-light violation viewings and services – not available Continue Reading


Evening news tidbits

Assemblymenber Bob Wieckowski is was appointed to chair the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials. He’ll also be on Judiciary, Insurance and PERS(pension) Committees.

Meanwhile in Newark:

By Chris De Benedetti
Oakland Tribune

NEWARK–A 17-year-old male died from stab wounds suffered this afternoon at the intersection of Cedar Boulevard and Birch Street, police said. It was the city’s fifth homicide of the year.

The teen was pronounced dead at the scene after police found him bleeding on the ground about 3:45 p.m., Cmdr. Bob Douglas said.

Police said they would not release the victim’s name because he was a minor.

Witnesses saw at least two males of unknown age dressed in black clothing and hoodie sweatshirts running from the scene, police said.

Anyone with information on the stabbing may call Sgt. Mike Carroll at 510-578-4247 or the silent witness hotline at 510-578-4000, ext. 500.


How they voted

Wasserman’s Top Five

Sue Chan’s Top Five
Moina Shaiq

Natarajan’s Top Five

Harrison’s Top Five

Bacon’s two votes came from Wasserman and Harrison.


Zlatnik makes six

I was going to be a good boy and wait for the city to announce it, but Judy Zlatnik just sent out an email letting folks know that she is also going to get an interview Thursday for the vacant council seat.

Turns out Zlatnik, like Bacon, also received votes from two council members on Tuesday.  The city folks made a mistake tabulating the votes, but now that’s corrected and the field of five is now the field of six.

Still waiting for the city to release each council member’s five top choices.

I know Wasserman was one of the two votes for Bacon.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Newark police ran after a man who they think had stolen a car. The chased him into Fremont near the intersection of Farwell and Mowry, but even the K9 unit couldn’t track him down.

A driver involved in a non-injury crash at Washington Boulevard and Roberts Avenue left the scene before police arrived. Police get a call that the driver might have been liquored up. Officers get the license plate and track the car down to Almond Avenue, where they locate the 20-year-old driver and arrest her for misdemeanor hit and run, DUI and being an unlicensed driver.

From the web:
San Jose passes plastic bag ban


The final five

1) David Bonaccorsi
2) Dominic Dutra
3) Raj Salwan
4) Yogi Chugh
5) Vinnie Bacon.

I’ll get the official tally on Wednesday, but I heard Bacon got two votes, Chugh got three and Salwan, Dutra and Bonaccorsi got votes from all four councilmembers.

The council will interview the candidates and hopefully pick one starting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday

Sorry for the late post. The WiFi wasn’t working in the council chambers.


Council Candidate breakdown

Not much time today for a lot of analysis. But here’s how I see the candidates breaking down.

Old-Hand Favorites
1) Dominic Dutra — Only Chris De Benedetti has better hair. Also, the best dancer in Fremont politics.
2) Judy Zlatnik – Provides the most continuity in the sense that she’s a lefty in the mold of Wieckowski.

New Blood Favorite
1) David Bonaccorsi – Probably has the most to gain from Dirk Lorenz pulling out. Like Lorenz, Bonaccorsi is a Fremont lifer, whose done lots of civic work and and suffered through Planning Commission meetings.

Potential Sleepers
1) Raj Salwan – Classic compromise candidate. Relatively well-liked, no enemies on the council, very active in the Democratic Party, contributes money to local candidates, volunteers  in civic organizations. But no Planning Commission experience.
2) Moina Shaiq – Similar to Salwan, only tighter with her political checkbook. Both serve on the Human Relations Commission.

Good Resume But Good Luck Getting Three Four Votes
1) Yogi Chugh — He’s worked hard for the party, contributed money, and served on the Planning Commission. He’s also got some folks campaigning for him.

2)Rakesh Sharma — A doctor, Niles Rotarian and Planning Commissioner. But most likely not a council member.

3) Vinnie Bacon — Imagine if instead of having the mayor nominate planning commissioners, Fremont would or could allow each council member to select a commissioner and then let the mayor select the remaining three.  Wieckowski could have selected Tahmasbi, maybe Natarajan appoints Bacon. All of sudden, you have a much more dynamic and interesting Planning Commission. But enough about that, Bacon has no shot.

No Ohlone Way
1) Bob Brunton — One thing I know about the Fremont City Council, they hate drama.
2) Teresa Cox — Nice woman. I remember interviewing Cox when she was running against Brunton for the Ohlone Board. After some name-dropping, she made a point of showing me her campaign business card and explaining the symbolism of her colors and logo. I wonder if she thought that was going to be in the story.

Probably should have applied for the Recreation Commission
1) Robert Carothers – Co-owner of Cici’s in Niles with a background in accounting.
2) Toai Le – An engineer, who, according to his resume, is active in Ardenwood and Vietnamese fraternal groups
3) James Thomas – Taught at Ohlone, worked most recently on the Census.

Last But Never Least
Linda Susoev — I’ve talked to a few Fremont folks over the years who couldn’t name the mayor or any council member, but they sure had heard of Linda Susoev. Not a bad consolation prize.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops

A robbery occurred at the Salvation Army on Grimmer Bl. The suspect, a WMA (White Male Adult) 20-30 years-old, punched the victim in the eye and tried to take his wallet but was unsuccessful. Units responded quickly, established a broad perimeter and conducted a thorough search but did not locate the suspect.

From the world of Fremont Politics

I took a quick look at the council candidate applications, which are now available at the city’s website.

David Bonaccorsi seems the natural successor to the verbose Wieckowski. Bonaccorsi needed nine pages to fill out a four-page application. Lawyers.

Two candidates harped on pension benefits in explaining how they’d tackle the city’s fiscal issues. They were Vinnie Bacon and Dominic Dutra.

If Fremont doesn’t become a green technology center it won’t be for lack of desire. Just about all of the candidates say they want it to happen, for what it’s worth.


Apparently Ohlone bond money can go to pay employee salaries

From the Sept. 8 board meeting:
Links here and here.

TO: Board of Trustees
FROM: Gari Browning
DATE: September 8, 2010
SUBJECT: Augmentations to Student Services Center (SSC) and Bond Program Management Measure A Bond Budgets
The following augmentation proposals are being presented for approval by the Board of Trustees. These proposals are being requested for the following reasons:
1) Measure A Bond Project #2 – SSC: The project requires additional budget to accommodate added forecast closeout costs in the amount of $300,000. These funds will cover additional final permits, legal and consultant fees, and unanticipated add request exposures and close out expenses (not including legal activity results and any undiscovered issues).
2) Measure A Bond Project #4 – Bond Program Management: The project requires additional budget to accommodate FY 2010-2011 Ohlone staff costs. These funds will cover part time costs for the Director of Facilities, Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services, Bond Accountant and Capital Project Coordinator.
Sources of funding for this augmentation will be Measure A Bond Project #1 – Ohlone College Newark Center Contingency in the amount of $475,000.
The President/Superintendant recommends that the Board of Trustees approve the augmentation of the budget for the Measure A Bond Project #2 – SSC in the amount of $300,000 and Measure A Bond Project #4 – Bond Program Management in the amount of $175,000. Budget shall be transferred from Measure A
Project #1 – Ohlone College Newark Center Contingency.