Ballparks and Beavers

beaversI’ve got a soft spot for Portland, OR and their former minor league baseball team, the Beavers.

Portland is turning its stadium into a soccer field at a cost to the public of more than $30 million, so the Beavers are moving to Escondido, CA, where the city council agreed to pay every last cent for a $50 million stadium.

For insight on why there have been so many publicly-financed stadiums built over the last two decades, read the local paper’s editorial. They think it’ll be a “home run” for Escondido.”

When I read it, I figured there was no way the paper was locally owned. It’s not. These guys own it.

This stuff doesn’t necessarily apply to Fremont, because Wolff said he would pay (or his development rights) would pay for the A’s stadium that wasn’t  built at Pacific Commons.

Matt Artz

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  1. Perhaps after the Oakland Athletics moves to San Jose,
    Fremont can get the San Jose Giants Farm team.
    They play in San Jose Municipal Stadium, which has a capacity of 4,200 fans. Sounds like something Fremont can handle and if a ballpark is built perhaps it can be used for a dual purpose of ballpark and a concert venue. Lets make Fremont fun!

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