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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

A man walking on Mowry Avenue near Guardino Drive Sunday was wearing red shoes, a red shirt and a red baseball cap. Either he was going to a costume party dressed as a blood clot or he  was a gang member. A group of men all dressed in blue assumed the latter. They pulled over in their SUV and ran after the red guy with a baseball bat. The red guy got away, but wouldn’t cooperate with the police.

The helicopters hovering over Niles on Saturday were looking for a juvenile girl, who authorities feared was trying to drawn herself in one of the ponds at Niles Community Park. But it turned out she hadn’t threatened suicide. She was just being difficult.

Also on Jan. 1, police respond to a loud music complaint on Cade Street. Officers arrive to find two men in front of the home, one of whom had a loaded and concealed handgun. That guy was arrested.

An officer writing a report at the DMV is approached by a robbery victim with a small stab wound on his left hand. He tells the cop, short man with a goatee took $7 from him on the railroad tracks near Dusterberry and Hansen. Officer checked the area, but couldn’t find the suspect.

A driver spun out of control in the rain and crashed into a sound wall on Scott Creek Road at Interstate-680.

Matt Artz


  1. Marty…Could you please clarify your post.

    I was a juvenile once and it wasn’t easy but all the same it wasn’t difficult either. We did’t wear colors and claim and defend turf….these actions seem rather stupid to me, are colors and turf worth your life?

    My advice to the younger generation is this:Get real, quit complaining and blaming everyone else, grow up, get a job and make something of your life….nobody said it was going to be easy, so get over it.

  2. California Dept. of Ed. website info

    FUSD expulsions / suspensions
    09-10 51 / 2120
    08/09 52 / 2294
    07/08 14 / 2596
    06/07 57 / 3001
    05/06 84 / 2982
    04/05 62 / 2494

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