Improv comedy comes to Fremont

This Wednesday we’ll run a story about an improvisational comedy group opening a comedy theater in town.

It’s called Made Up Theater, and it used to be a warehouse off of Osgood Road. The first show is Jan. 21.

Learn more about the group here and more about the official grand opening here.

The theater’s flagship improv group is Five Play Improv. Judge them for yourselves:

Matt Artz


  1. People, I think this is a prime opportunity for a TCB convention. We should all attend, and revealing your handle could be optional. There’s so many reasons to do this:

    What better a place to meet in person than one of these awkward sketch comedy performances? The distraction on stage can only help to dampen the clumsy introductions (e.g, “Hi Vinnie, I’m Marty”).

    Perhaps Bbox can be called up to the stage to read some proverbial proverbs.

    Gus can give us the history of The Palmdale Winery.

    Charlotte and Dan O can hand out pamphlets, and Rindu should feel comfortable since Ishan is attending.

    Who’s in?

  2. Friday Jan 21? Sounds like fun, have to discuss it with my Commanding Officer.

  3. Marty can attend wearing a Nixon mask because we know he’s not about to reveal his identity.

  4. I’ll go if you wear a “Save Coyote Hills” Tee Shirt.
    We still have a couple….

    Dan loves Marty

  5. Marty is a mean and rude person and I’m not sure anybody wants to meet him

  6. Why would Vinnie want to meet with Marty after he spent a year attacking him and even going as far as to write a blog about him?

  7. …and will not have so much idle time

    chachi loves joanie

  8. Oh, come on Robert! Here we were, having a laugh. Chumming it up. Dan was spreading the love. Then you bust in to say (with no provocation):

    Marty is a mean and rude person and I’m not sure anybody wants to meet him… Garrhh, Garrhh….

    You hurt my feelings, man. I not going to convention now. Just kidding, of course I’m going.

  9. Marty, did you want that pacifier & whole milk? I think I hear Mr BBox coming on the scene…

  10. I dearly miss Mr Box. I hope he can join us. Regardless, let’s try to all get along, Robert. It’s a new year, a new city council and new congress, etc…

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