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From the cops:
Three people with some sort of pellet gun ran roughshod in and around the Northgate neighborhood, shooting out windows and cars outside homes backing up to Alameda Creek throughout the evening. Cops searched using fancy technology, but couldn’t find them.

From the wire:

Good story on Solyndra and the future of financing major green energy plants.
More on Solyndra from Slate last month.

I thought the most interesting paragraph was about how the new government subsidized plant actually needs fewer workers and provides fewer jobs than the recently shuttered plant.

Last month, Solyndra provoked anger when it consolidated operations and shuttered its old factory, shedding around 40 permanent and 130 temporary employees along the way. The new facility is much more highly automated than its predecessor, and the robots that crank out the modules need less human intervention than before. It’s a job loss upfront, but it’s the only way Solyndra—and the many other American factories competing with products made in countries with low labor costs—can compete and eventually grow enough to bring some of those jobs back. As Martin Baily, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, points out, even China is moving toward greater factory automation as it faces wage pressure from even lower-cost locations. Solyndra has been losing money since its inception; management is under intense pressure to slash costs, and one way to do that is to automate.

Matt Artz

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