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fremontOfficer Rosette stopped a 20-year-old buck for driving with tinted windows and blacked-out taillights.  Turned out the driver had been twice cited for the same violations and never corrected them, so the officer arrested him.
A man late at night started smashing windows at Wholesale Auto R Us on the 37000 block of Maple Street. Officers found him screaming that “everyone was going to die,” and saw that he had stuck several knives in the wall. 5150

There was a rollover crash at Peralta and Fremont boulevards.  Firefighters had to extricate both occupants, who sustained minor injuries.

From the web:

Fremont company’s fourth quarter loss greater than expected.
New York Times reports on recycled Christmas trees coming to Fremont
Here’s a story that was in Tuesday’s pape about a Niles resident who removes graffiti.

And here’s a photo a someone emailed me of graffiti in Central Fremont:


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