Fremont’s Bikini Barista coffee shack still doing alright

coffee2I just talked to the owner of Your Coffee Cups, the bikini barista coffee shop in Fremont that Yahoo.com decided was the nation’s most important story Tuesday morning.

He said it’s doing well, but not supersonic. He’s trying to re-start his former construction business, and he has no immediate plans to open more shops.

He also said that about 7,000 people had linked that Yahoo.com story to their facebook pages.

“Yahoo is pretty powerful,” he said.

Judging from the many calls I got today, I’d have to agree. Most of the callers either wanted to know how to get to the coffee shop or how to start their own.

But one woman was just appalled. She left me probably the best voicemail I’ve ever received. And if I’ve got the tech savvy, I’ll put it on the blog Wednesday.

Matt Artz

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