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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

A Taco Bell employee at the Centerville “restaurant” walked outside, where he was met by a man dressed in black and toting a gun. The gunman demanded the employee’s bag, which he thought was full of cash. When he realized it was just clothing, he ran away.

Police got a call Tuesday from the 3500 block of Dalton Common that a man had gone into a house on the block and left out the back with a computer monitor. The reporting party got the license plate of the get-away car, which police officers spotted on Fremont Boulevard, near Stevenson. Cops stopped the car, arrested the occupants, and found the computer monitor.

From the wire:

Fremont company’s profit soars.

From the council meeting:
1) It looks like the city is bracing for the end of redevelopment. The timing is bad for city leaders because just last year — after much work, money and effort — they approved a plan that would have provided about $400 million for city redevelopment efforts – including a BART station in Irvington. The question now seems to be will the city try to fast-track the issuance of bonds for key projects to race them through before the state kills redevelopment altogether. We should know more around March 15.

2) City report showed that Fremont’s capital improvement funds are lacking. There’s barely enough money for maintenance, let alone ambitious building projects.

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