Bikini Barista Backlash

coffee2Maybe one day I’ll tell my grandkids that I had the top story on Yahoo for one special morning.

And they’ll probably ask me if there really was a time when women didn’t serve coffee in bikinis.

But in 2011, at least, bikini baristas are still a touchy subject for some folks, like this unnamed women who left what’s probably my favorite all-time voicemail. Click below to hear the censored version.

bye bleep

Matt Artz


  1. That’s classic.

    Matt, can you please post your phone number so the rest of us can call you with weekly performance evaluations?

    I think it will keep you on your toes.

  2. Matt, those beeps were so loud! She is confused though…it wasn’t an advertisement for the coffee shop, and you’re just the reporter who wrote about it.

  3. Doesn’t that message give you the warm fuzzies. What a sweet girl. I hope she doesn’t sip her espresso with that mouth.

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