Health risks are high within one mile of rail yard

This was emailed to me late yesterday.

Tracking Harm: Health and Environmental Impacts of Rail Yards

3) … The California Air Resources Board (ARB) created land use guidelines that include  “Avoid siting new sensitive land uses within 1000 feet of a service or maintenance yard.”12 The guidelines also stated that: “Within one mile of a rail yard, consider possible siting limitations and mitigation approaches.” Thus, the state agency recognizes that within one mile of a rail yard, the health risks are high. These guidelines should become mandatory – and should work in “both directions.” That means that a new rail yard should not be allowed to be sited within one mile of sensitive receptors.


Click Here for my story in today’s paper, which includes reaction from a homeowner who lives not too far from the northeastern edge of the Union Pacific site.

Matt Artz