A look at Lathrop

Although Union Pacific doesn’t know what type of rail facility it will build it Fremont, it did give city officials documents relating to its rail yard expansion plans in Lathrop.

I don’t have what the city got, but you can click here for an overview of that project.

Matt Artz


  1. One of the items that caught my attention on the Lathropo article was that at full build out it will handle 730,000 containers a year, that means 730,000 truck loads.
    It looks like the Fremont Union Pacific facility will be larger.
    It makes sense, the location is by several major freeways

  2. This link only gives the plan – it says the EIR was completed Sep 2010 – will be interesting to see what the completed EIR for Lathrop specifies.

  3. Which leads to an interesting question “Anon” (not to be confused with Anon101 – me), will there be an EIR on the Union Pacific project?

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