State to audit Fremont’s redevelopment agency

Our political blog has this story about Fremont’s being one of 18 redevelopment agenices to be audited by the state.

We should have a story about it — and hopefully reaction from the city — in tomorrow’s paper.

Matt Artz


  1. Anu is quoted in this mornings’ Argus as saying – ” I dont think any money has been misspent with Fremont and its redevelopment agency.”

    Wonder where Anu has been for the last several years, certainly there are members of our community that would NOT agree with her conclusion.

    Question: Has money not been “…misspent…” when checks are written and cashed . . . and the community has nothing to show for it ? Not just once, mind you, but repeatedly – over a period of many, many YEARS.



  2. Thanks for the links Bbox231. For those of us who have been crying the blues over Fremont’s Redevelopment Agency this is sad but sweet justice.

    Emperor Diaz, I mean City Manager Diaz, has treated the Centerville project as his pet prize for the developer – Blake Hunt. Millions have been wasted, tens of millions!

    Remember, Diaz is officially the Executive Director of Redevelopment; even though there is a figure head with the title of “Redevelopment Director”. There’s efficiency for you!

    Remember when all three project managers left a couple of years back out of disgust over the incompetence of the “Redevelopment Director” – who was hired because she was an old friend (down in her luck) of the most recent Community Development Director Jill Kimack.

    And then there was the matter of the “CAP” increase to “play ball” with Lew.

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