Only 83 employees slated for Lathrop’s rail yard expansion

Some more tidbits out of Lathrop.

Daily aveerage truck trips post expansion — 2,186
Total sizepost expansion — 277 acres (bigger than Fremont’s 160 acres)
Container Bays — 3,970
Employees — 83

The current 134-acre facility in Lathrop gets 954 daily truck trips and has 46 employees.

One of Fremont’s proposal’s, found here, projected up to 28,300 jobs and 2,070 homes, albeit over about about 500 acres surrounding the Tesla plant.

Matt Artz


  1. Just curious, what the truck traffic was for the NUMMI plant. Any ideas? Also the BAX facility next to WalMart has closed as well probably due to NUMMI..it also generated a lot of truck traffic. So maybe net theimpact of a new UP facility will be minimal to the surrounding area. Also, it might help get truck traffic off of 880 coming from the Port of Oakland.

  2. GoRails,

    Interesting positive spin. All those trucks getting off and on the freeway, accelerating to speed, will likely create a nasty amount of pollution, not to mention trains accelerating with full loads. I’m sure a clever lawyer or two could make life painfully difficult for UP.

  3. UP is not under city or county control, but federally regulated.

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