Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

Three perps drove up to a man in the Home Depot parking lot and made it seem like they had a handgun. The victim was sold. He gave them his computer, watch and camera.

Police caught a robber who had a fake gun, but no sense of urgency. The 51-year-old crook strolled into the Taco Bell at the Hub, showed the clerk his plastic airsoft gun and left with loot. But instead of getting out of dodge, the gunman ambled over to the nearby Union 76 gas station to purchase a can of gas. That’s where police found him and arrested him.

From the Fremont City Council Meeting:

I forgot to mention a couple things in Tuesday’s City Council review that happened after my computer died.

1) Raj Salwan, the veterinarian and former City Council candidate, was appointed to the Planning Commission.

2) John Herndon, the former City Council candidate with the purple signs, was appointed to the Recreation Commission.

Matt Artz