Salary info on Fremont employees

Thanks to the commenter who posted this.

One thing that confused me at first: The column that reads “Employees’ Share of Pension Contributions,” the dashes below mean that city employees do pay the “employee share” of pension benefits (9 percent for police and fire, and 8 percent for everyone else.

The city picks up the rest of the tab, which is significantly more.

At first I thought it read that employees weren’t contributing at all, which isn’t the case.

Matt Artz


  1. I can’t seem to find info on this online, but do Fremont City Council Members get health insurance for life for serving one term?

  2. Wow, over ten (10) million just for city attornys? Is the council and Mayor screwing up that badly that they need all these attornys.
    Like the Skate Park Fiasco, all they had to do was to move it, but Mayor Wasserman would have none of it.
    Just another lawsuit for stupidity, more money for attornys.

  3. This salary data is great information.It was required of all cities after the City of Bell was caught ripping off its citizens by overpaying themselves hugh salaries and benifits. Though it is not as extreme as Bell excess pay looks to be widespread throughout city government in Fremont. What the citizen can do next will be taken to the ballot box and/or courthouse.

  4. Holly cupcakes bateman! Californiaguy is right! Over 10 million just for the City Attorney’s office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I see there’s still more fire captains than firefighters. That sounds legit, doesn’t it?

  6. Morrison must be having a late breakfast at the Country Way. I’ll play his role. Council members do not get health insurance for life. When they’re in office they get $450 a month to spend on health care. Once they’re out of office, they’re on their own, although they do qualify for pension benefits.

  7. Matt said that the Fremont Mayor and City Council do qualify for pension benefits.
    Do you think that you will get pension reform by the same people that are eating out of the pension trough?

    Is it going to take a ballot initative to reform Fremonts bloated Pensions?

    Matt, How much money is Fremont liable for on Pensions,The unpaid liability

  8. Sorry Matt, no Country Way today. Councilmembers don’t get $450 a month to spend on health insurance, they can participate in city benefits up to $450 a month. If they don’t take the benefit, they don’t get the money.

    When I served, most of us had our own medical insurance and didn’t use the $450. We did all get dental though, because, in the early ’80s a councilmember wanted it and all were required to participate by the carrier.

    As for retirement,a councilmember serving one term would get a PERS pension of $187.50 a month starting at age 55 with no other retirement benefits.

  9. Thanks Gus,
    Is the PERS pension based on each year of service?

  10. Why is there a column for “Salary Maximum” when so many exceeded that amount? I believe the term “Salary Maximum” should be just that and nothing more should be paid. One building inspector at a salary of $89,000 made over $180,000. Did this person work 4,000 hours last year or what ?????????????????

  11. Did anyone notice how many city employees exceeded the “Annual Salary Maximum” ? Salary maximum should mean just that…maximum period.

    How about the building inspector who’s “annual maximum salary” was $89,738.00 but made $180,905.00. That’s what 4,000 hours worked in one year….really ?????

    I want to work for the city so I can double my “annual maximum salary” and not get FIRED.

  12. Robert, PERS for councilmembers is based on highest single year salary ($1500/mo x 12 = 18000/yr) times 2.5 times number of years. 18000 x .025 = 450 X 4 years = 1800/year or $150/ month. I don’t know what I did wrong before. A councilmember serving one term would get a pension of $150, not $187.50 as I said before. OOPS.

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