Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Burglars entered the Original Pancake restaurant through the roof, and a Warm Springs business via a window smash.

Cops lured a well-known female paroleOfficer Edwards learns that a well known female parolee  might be looking to sell some crystal meth.  Posing as a prospective buyer, Ofc. Edwards convinces the parolee to meet him at Central and Cedar in Newark. Imagine her surprise when Ofc. Edwards arrives in a marked patrol vehicle.  She is in possession of about 2 grams of methamphetamine and is arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Matt Artz


  1. Don’t mean to hijack, but here’s a few F-mont related stories:

    An insecure Merc columnist’s take on the Giant’s trophy tour making a stop in San Jose.

    “On Tuesday, the Giants brought their precious metal mantelpiece to San Jose to mark their territorial rights in the most public way possible. Standing 24 inches high and 11 inches in diameter, the trophy looked like what you might get if you asked Tiffany to design a gaudy fire hydrant … If there was any doubt that the Giants will dig in their heels to protect their territory, managing partner Bill Neukom made the trip down to the South Bay to put it to rest. “This county is the heart of our marketplace,” Neukom said. Then he got on the public address system and told the fans the trophy was really theirs.”

    Also, the push by San Mateo county for higher tolls on the Dumbarton during commute hours.

    Fremont residents should care about this, as property values are severely effected by commute costs. Also, the reasoning given by the transit directors is to alleviate congestion on the peninsula, specifically hwy 101. Apparently it’s the east bay commuter’s fault that 101 is jammed. This despite San Mateo county rejecting Bart in 1961 because of NIMBY concerns. Imagine that they have jammed highways now! And, remember San Mateo just butted heads with SF over their proposal to charge entrants into SF county $6 during commute hours.

    If there was any question on how a population of progressive wind bags can screw up public transit, there you have it.

  2. Re: Dumbarton
    Looks like they’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Anyway, it’s just congestion charging – higher prices at rush hour and lower at others.

  3. For the rush hour commuter who can’t adjust their working hours that’s a $260/year increase. Do you want to chip in to help San Mateo county’s congestion issue?

  4. And, there is no viable alternative to the auto in either the Dumbarton or Hayward/San Mateo commute. One can either pay the increased toll or take a bus, which will add significantly to the commute time. Congestion pricing on those bridges will do nothing to reduce the congestion until an alternative comes around. I choose teleportation.

  5. There’s always carpooling. Where are the park and ride lots?

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