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Clean tech might not be Fremont’s wave of the future

By Matt Artz
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 11:27 pm in Uncategorized.

My long day started about 14 hours ago at City Hall, where many clean shaven men and woman — and Bill Marshak — listened to the oracle of the a.m., Brad Kemp, over bagels and coffee.

Kemp is a research director at Beacon Economics, a firm that the city has retained from time to time.

He said business and construction should noticeably pick up in Fremont around the end of this year going into 2012. But he said future growth will probably be spurred by office developments and luring Silicon Valley companies into the city’s many vacant R&D buildings.

As for clean technology, Kemp’s no bull. He said there’s just not much demand for that stuff.

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  • VOR

    FYI – Bio on Brad Kemp from Beacon Economics web page:

  • Marty

    As for clean technology, Kemp’s no bull. He said there’s just not much demand for that stuff

    Say it ain’t so! Obama said weez all going to have Pee H dees and makes the green stuff.

  • bbox231

    THere are folks who can say just about anything. . . and some make a profit doing so.

    There are also folks who back up their claims and assessments with significant invested capital.

    Here’s an interesting fact to consider . . . the U.S. is lagging behind the Chinese and most other G20 nations in its rate of investment in “Cleantech” development and manufacturing. So, while my friend Marty loves to jibe with Mr. Obama’s politics, in doing so, s/he/it has to simultaneously stand critical of virtually every nation in the G20.

    LOL !

    For the moment, I’ll give Mr. Kemp the benefit of the doubt . . it is difficult to imagine someone making such a naive statement as reported herein. Perhaps there was something out of context in this summary . . .

  • bbox231

    P.S. – here is some information on the “Cleantech” sector -