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Fremont News of the Day

By Matt Artz
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 8:53 am in Uncategorized.

fremontFrom the cops:

Officers get a call of a male pointing a gun at nearby turkeys. Cops find no one with a gun, but do come across a male in a pink jacket, with a history of mental illness, who invites them to open fire.

From the wire:
Fremont man arrested on drug charges in Nevada
Mission Peak has good cell phone coverage; lucky for a lady with a bad sense of direction.
This Yelp page says that Fremont is the most boring city in the Bay Area. Maybe per person, but not overall, says I.

From Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski:
Wieckowski is seeking to boost the state’s struggling manufacturing sector by eliminating the sales and use tax on manufacturing equipment to spark job growth and increase California’s competitiveness. His people said the bill would only allow the state’s take of the tax, and that cities could still collect the sales tax. Fremont reaped generous rewards whenever NUMMI retooled and bought new machinery, and if Tesla is a success that could be the case again.

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  • Andrew C.

    Milpitas, Foster City, Danville, Vallejo, Emeryville (without Berkeley), Colma… All thrilling places it would seem. What?

  • californiaguy

    Fremont is the most boring city in the Bay Area.
    No entertainment
    No live music to speak of
    Some good restaurants’ if you like Asian food, NOT one decent seafood restaurant.
    Please do not tell me about Seafood Broiler, Bland, bland, bland.
    If you check the San Leandro Newspaper (Argus) you will find damned few restaurants listed for Fremont.
    Personally I go to San Jose , Mountain View Area for live theatre, excellent restaurants and soon the Forty Niners and the Oakland A‘s.
    Where is San Leandro and does anyone care?

  • Anon101

    Agree Californiaguy!

    On another front and/or “more news of the day”: here’s the link to the head-hunters who are recruiting the new Community Development Director for Fremont:

    And here’s a quote from the luring brochure that you can download:

    “This exciting community enjoys metropolitan living at its best.”

    Humm: Fremont sure isn’t any metropolis?

    Also, the brochure says:

    “The incoming candidate will be an effective leader and skilled manager willing to take clear direction from the City Manager.”

    Know that’s interesting. How can one be an effective and skilled manager under Fred Diaz? He’d can you for making him look bad!

    Oh well, I guess if you’re getting paid between 160 and 200 k you can take a lot of BS.

  • Anon101

    BTW: what ever happened to that MLB report? Matt? You know, the one that was coming out in a couple of months – how long ago? Interesting.