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Fremont News of the Day

By Matt Artz
Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 10:33 am in Uncategorized.

fremontFrom the cops

Officers were dispatched to the area of Eugene and Blanchard streets in the Irvington district after someone saw several males exiting a home on the 40300 block of Blanchard. Arriving officers saw men flee into an adjacent home. The cops set up a perimeter and arrested four males, two adults and two juvys on suspicion burglary. 
From the wire:

Kiddie porn arrest

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  • Randy

    Sorry, Matt, this is one time when Bill Veteran’s writing is a little better than yours:

    “Officers were dispatched to the area of Eugene/Blanchard after a witness reported seeing several suspicious adult males around a home on the 40300 block of Blanchard St. As officers arrived, the males fled into an adjacent residence.. As officers set up a perimeter, it was determined the original Blanchard home had been burglarized. Contact was made with the males and they eventually exited the home. During a search of the suspect house, the loss from the burglary was located and the subjects were identified by the witness. Ultimately, two juveniles and two adults were arrested for burglary. Great job by all and especially to the witness who reported the suspicious activity.”

    Note that the arrests were a direct result of a Fremont resident realizing these guys were up to no good and calling the police – and Fremont’s PD doing a great job of acting on that report. As Mr. Veteran (Fremont PD administration) wrote, Great Job By All!!