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From the cops:
fremont_news_linkA 20-year-old woman was waiting for a bus at Mission and Grimmer Boulevards when a young man in a brown hooded sweatshirt and black beanie pulled out a small folding knife and demanded her phone. She obliged and the perp ran away.

A skinny black man with an oval shaped birth mark on his cheek brought a black handgun into the Subway at the Hub last night. He left with about $900. Cops say the suspect description was similar to a robbery at Rite Aid last week.

Two separate vehicles on Whitfiled and Glenmoor had their windows broken.

From the wire
Stark proposes day to honor Darwin

Matt Artz


  1. Marty, are you saying that because Pete Stark proposes to honor Darwin that he’s divisive and insecure? Perhaps honoring Darwin divides those with an iota of scientific education from the completely ignorant, but I fail to see how honoring one of the greatest scientists of the past two hundred years marks Pete or anyone else as either insecure or liberal.

  2. I’m going with Mrs. A on this one Marty. Honoring a great observational scientist doesn’t have to be divisive unless people go out of their way to make it so. Props to Congressman Stark for spearheading this one.

  3. Darwin is one of the fathers of Science and evolution. Anybody who would be against honoring Darwin would be ignorant of his contributions or be divisive himself.

  4. First, let’s put Robert’s fascist statement aside.

    As read this Stark wants to make Saturday, EVERY Saturday Darwin Day – an obvious jab to those who observe a religion on Sunday. I am an agnostic and this comes across as divisive. I realize this, the author of the article realizes this. Perhaps you three will come around.

    And regardless of Stark’s proclamations of being on the side of rigor and truth, waking up one day and deciding you don’t believe in god does not make you a man of science. I bet Stark would have a hard time telling us what that 6 means above the C on the periodic table.

    Hey, but play along lefties.

  5. You’re right after all, Charlotte. The writer should edit the story.

    … a resolution to proclaim Saturday as “Darwin Day” should read “this Saturday, February 12 as Darwin Day”.

    I never said I was above name calling, that’s Mr Box. I quite enjoy the name calling, both on the give and take. And Robert is a lil’ fascist.

    By the way Robert, he who hails the “Father of Science”, what does that 6 mean?

  6. 6 is the atomic number for carbon, which means it has 6 protons in its nucleus.

    And now that I know Marty is an avowed name-caller, I’ll be sure to take what he says a lot less seriously.

  7. OK Charlotte, why is it that I have never used a bad name in reference to you? I likely disagree with you on as many issue as I do Robert, you think an “avowed name-caller” would have written something disparaging about you.

    Read post #4 again, perhaps it will become clear who began “calling names”.

    Regardless, you should be commended for saving Robert some time and Google some bandwidth.

  8. Marty, you are not as smart as you pretend to be. Re-read the article and notice it states this Saturday and not EVERY Saturday. I’m not sure where you feel my statements are fascist. I don’t agree with everything stark says, but recognizing Darwin is not a bad thing.

  9. I’m going to side with Marty on this one (something I rarely do, in thought or post). The article says “a resolution to proclaim Saturday as ‘Darwin Day'” [note: not “this Saturday”) which is ambiguous as to whether it means *this* Saturday or *every* Saturday. Other sources clarify that Stark meant Feb. 12, Darwin’s birthday, and it just happened to fall on a Saturday this year. Sloppy writing by the author.

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