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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A woman held to her iPhone for dear life as a 220-pound man tried to rip it out of her hands while she was on a call. The woman was walking and talking in the area of Gurdwara Road and Terrace Drive when the man went in for the unsuccessful grab. He ran away in a black beanie, tan jacket and basketball shorts.

From the wire
More money for BART to San Jose
Best Waffles in Fremont or Union City?
This story about Jeopardy in today’s paper reminds me of this song

Matt Artz


  1. Good for her – some idiot went for my iPhone in San Francisco as I was coming up out of BART on an escalator – he has a nicely bruised shin for his trouble – now I carry it down my front and use the headphone – anyone goes for it there and they lose a finger, if not worse!!!

  2. How about an app for that? This iPhone will self-destruct in 10 seconds. Boom.

  3. Book Stores, Newspapers, Post Offices are being eliminated by the computer.
    B&N contributed to there own demises with there NOOK electronic device that holds several books. No need for a hard copy.
    Alvin Toffler predicted this malady in his book called “Future Shock”
    He predicted that Technology will happen so fast it will be difficult to keep up with it. Thus creating Future Shock. How many of you had your grand kids show you how to operate a new electronic device. I am still trying to figure out my Zune.
    Is this a good thing, damned if I know!

  4. You bought a Zune? Toss it in the pile with your Betamax, 8-track, minidisc, PC Jr., NEXT, HD-DVD, quadrophonic record, and Microsoft Kin.

  5. Planned obsolescence. It’s only good until the next innovative technological gizmo comes along. Don’t leave out the Walkman.

  6. Jon Simon says – “You bought a Zune? Toss it in the pile with your Betamax, 8-track, minidisc, PC Jr., NEXT, HD-DVD, quadrophonic record, and Microsoft Kin”

    I’m curious, Jon . . .is there a media-player/storage device you feel you could NOT make the very same statement about ??

    Unless you happen to be one of the technically challenged folks among us that are totally dependant on managing your gadget solely with the OEM-supplied tools or apps – – – virtually all of these gadgets have the exact same “staying” power – – – which is ultimately ONLY limited by the period of time in which the various media decoders and related formats remain viable (and at last look the MP3 as well as other media formats appeared to be alive for a while) and, of course, the lifetime of the various hardware components themselves . . . So – what was your point ?

    I sense another Apple-snob that knows nothing of the technology about which he speaks . . . but, prove me wrong, Jon.

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