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Both of these tidbits will be in the paper shortly.

It’s not looking like Fremont cops are going reach an agreement to give up 2 percent of their salaries this fiscal year to help the city balance its budget.

The police department has already implemented cuts to save the money that would have come from the union concession. The department has cutback on training and overtime. It’s also delayed hiring three to four new officers.


Negotiations get underway next week between teachers and the school district. Looks like it’s going to be a doozy. Teachers want some sort of raise to pay for rising health care costs.

The administration wants to cut teacher pay. It also wants broader authority/more flexibility to evaluate teachers, set schedules, layoff teachers, enact furloughs, etc.

The union leader said it’s the worst proposal she’s seen. The superintendent is an optimistic guy. He thinks they’re going to reach a deal.

Matt Artz


  1. Fremont Police could open up that new shooting range to the public. People would pay to rent a lane.

  2. My wife’s pay as a Fremont teacher has gone down over the past two years. Between furloughs and rising health insurance costs, the final number is surprisingly small. The new super wants to cut teachers even more while screwing with their workplace quality? This is all after the passing of a bond AND finding millions in unspent funds. Sounds like the new supe is a true mensch. Anybody starting a new career as a teacher is an absolute fool.

  3. I’m sorry teachers, but this is what happens when a city pays fire deep into the 100k’s and janitors the same as as the “precious profession”. On the way up and on the way down, union solidarity works both ways.

  4. Such massive disconnects . .. .

    We’re debating 2 percent here . . . . which isn’t anywhere near what is needed – – – we’re WAY WAY WAY out of touch and obviously not even in the ballpark of discussions that have any remote chance of effectively resolving our long-term problem.

    Let’s cease this little cha-cha with everyone attempting to put forth a pretense of working towards a “solution” – so we can rid ourselves of a debt which can never be repaid . . . . .

    Here’s a solution –


    Here’s a quote –

    “..bankruptcy probably the most effective tool in the drawer for lowering pension obligations…”

  5. One of the reasons that the Fremont Police Union turned down the pay reduction, is that most policeman do not live in Fremont and could care less about Fremonts Fiscal Problems!

  6. Teachers have taken far more than a 2% pay hit over the past two years.

  7. That’s the problem, Jon. We should put a larger portion of revenue toward school facilities and teacher pay and less toward planners, administrators, unskilled tradesmen and fire staff. There’s no way Park Maintenance Janitors should be earning $65,000+ in a city such as Fremont. But, if the teacher unions want to stand by other public departments to effect some force of strength in numbers, then they should share the pain when the ability to pay this collective deteriorates.

    As the schools go, property values go, property tax revenue goes, more teachers go, which means the schools go lower, prop values follow, and you can figure out the rest.

    The future is not bright. But there is one positive — the worse Fremont schools get, the better chance I have of walking into your business and introducing myself (and my children) to you.

  8. Regarding Teacher’s pay.

    As I sit outside my kids school, Horner to be exact, I noticed a janitor throwing her own personal garbage can from the back of her truck into the schools garbage can – plan as daylight. Also, every day I see a FUSD big white truck (4054) pull up to both schools, and drop off an envelope. I catch myself saying “what the heck is going on here?” Do they need to waste gas like that – and how much is that dude making to drive around to all the schools EVERYDAY? The teacher just need to chill til the economy gets better, and be thankful that they have a job. FUSD need to be accountable for their sloppy decisions as well as their workers……Maybe if we eliminate janitors throwing their own “personal” garbage away in the school dumpster, and do away with the daily truck deliveries, we can pay the teachers what the are worth. FUSD needs to re-evaluate how they spend their (our) money. After all – they make my children be accountable for their grade and they should be accountable for their sloppyness on how they spend our money! Just sayin:) Now back to my grammar homework…..:)

  9. Would anybody know if the Fremont Teacher’s Union has reduced the union dues in such hard economic times. If they have not, then I would sympathize with the teachers because they are getting the short end of the stick from both sides.

    When I was on the Financial Advisory Committee of the district, we had access to figures from the State which showed that we Fremont’s ratio of Administrators to teachers was very high compared to other districts in the area including Pleasanton. So I think if that is still the case, then we are doing pretty well in terms of the amount that goes to teachers and the classrooms. Not much of it goes to Administrators.

    Off course, as with any organization, we can always find areas where we can cut down. But let us also ensure that in our zeal to cut things down we do not create “wound that results in hurting/degrading the quality of education of our children. Right now the teachers are hurting and we cannot expect a teacher to perform at his/her peak when she has worries on her mind on how he/she is going to pay her next health premium, her kids’ education and also bringing food to the table.

  10. These greedy Cop’s who dont even live in Fremont and “goosestep” all over the real citizen’s of our City. Those of us that are still working in the private sector can’t be used as a “Cash Cow” anymore for these whiney ass teachers and unfunded pensions for cops and all the “Tax Eaters employed by the city,get rid of Community Service Officers,they are just wanna be cops who couldn’t pass the test.

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