Matt Artz


  1. Come on Artz – – you can do better then that.

    Was there some new and redeeming information of significance you were attempting to offer or was this just another obvous jab at your subscriber base in the Weibel/Warm Springs area ??

  2. Have you read my recent posts? This is like my best work in weeks. Usually the text-filled jpegs are impossible to read. This one is crystal clear. H/T to TCB reader.

  3. I dont agree – – – and, in fact I was on my way to commending you on the towing/P.D. love-fest write-up when I stumbled into this nonesense.

  4. Matt,
    A rather generic prop 65 warning which UP would’nt provide on their own, there only doing it because it’s required by law.
    If they were serious about reducing pollution then they (UP) would have already put exhaust scrubbers on the train engines that they use (funny thing is the port of Oakland requires them for truck access to the port, if you recall alot of truck drivers had financial issues because of this requirement).
    Maybe Fremont will require this ? probably not.

  5. Hey Marty…without using a template, can you draw a perfect circle, freehand ?

  6. Marty, can you draw a perfect circle, freehand, without using a template ?

  7. Marty,
    Post #7 obviously you have me confused with someone else. Check before you throw stones.

  8. Martin… without a template, can you draw a circle, freehand, without a template, just a circle?

  9. Why did I think of TCB and its cast of characters after reading this article in 2.21.11 Argus?

    In a new book, “Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality,” Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. Elias Aboujaoude argues that the time we spend on the Internet doesn’t just cause us to have online alter egos. It influences who we become and how we interact with others when we’re offline as well.

  10. I think Highway 680 and 880 releases more noxious fumes 24/7 than the rail yard would

  11. Nice try, Marty –

    And – you’d be right – if not for the incessant drum beat by Mr Artz to fan the flames of what is otherwise a non-story.

    By my count, six separate swings of the bat – dont get me wrong . . . this might have started out as a back-page curio on the Sunday edition but, with the “let’s visit Lathrop” and “health hazards” spin tossed into the mix, – – – we stepped out of the realm of responsible reporting (again) a long time ago on this one and have ground the axe in one particular direction.

    Here are the entrails of this particular thread –

    (AND – – – why is it that YOU feel a need to run interference for our buddy Mr. Artz ? – – I imagine he’s quite capable of speaking up for himself, dont you think ???)

  12. This is excellent. Great reporting. Simple, complete, without any opinion added.

    Let the citizenry sort out the merit and meaning of the thing.

    Good job Artz.

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