Tree protest on Niles Canyon Road

Well, no tree-sitters yet, but a few Niles residents protested Saturday night as Caltrans crews began removing trees from a section of Niles Canyon Road. If Caltrans’ plan comes to pass, more than 400 trees will be chopped down and more than two miles of retaining walls will be built to widen the road.

Here’s a photo from Steven Ashley Wilson:


And here’s a video show what looks to be tree branches on the ground:

Matt Artz


  1. All residents of Fremont and Sunol need to act against these projects that will ruin Niles Canyon!!! You can follow Save Niles Canyon on Twitter (savenilescanyon) and Facebook (Save Niles Canyon).

  2. I have very little hope that this project won’t ruin Niles Canyon’s beauty.

    It’s not a road that should ever be anything than what it is.

    If it was meant to be widened, it would have been widened decades ago. This is the obvious busywork brainchild of some pencil pusher who’s main job is finding ways to spend large chunks of taxpayer money.


    Well then, for crying out loud, can we please get Osgood Road repaved!

  3. Matt,
    Six people show up to protest and they get all kinds of press.
    Yet when other people protest, they are lucky to get any press.
    Is it selective reporting of what ever turns you on?

    Kudo’s to the people that did show up in a bitter cold nigth.

  4. West, Your six is my half dozen. They got blog press because they emailed me photos and videos. They got newspaper press because my original story from last week about the city’s proposed truck ban got held for Tuesday, and the protest made that story even more stale.

    Today marks the start of my sixth year at The Argus. I can’t recall covering a single protest that “turned me on.” No offense to the Minute Men.

  5. They should outsource their protesting to some Berkeley tree sitters. That will stop the project.

  6. Osgood Road? Contract to improve it between Washington and Durham has been awarded. I know one property owner has already been advised as to when access to his property will be limited. It waited until the Washington overpass project was complete.

  7. This is a good cause worth protesting… where is that raging nimby crowd that killed the ballpark now? Do any of you FCN members care about this?

  8. A contract to improve Osgood has been awarded?
    Well, Haalllllaaaluuulllaa.

    Washington to Durham, that’s the stretch I’m talking about.

    But could you please clarify a few things Mr. Mayor, lest you sound like Mr. Roadshow who never brings bad news, only always news of projects on the way.

    Who got the contract and how much was it for?

    Did the property owner you know tell you when his access will be limited?

    You say that this project has been waiting for the overpass to be complete, does that mean it was awarded two or three years ago?

    please don’t mind my skepticism.

  9. Update on Osgood. Actual construction work has started. Some clearing and removals of driveways, etc. has started.

    Bids were opened and contracts awarded in January, I think. Staff has been dealing with property aquisition and utility relocation for several years and the projectwas phased to follow the overpass. It has been in the works for quite a while. I guess next time I go to Frye’s, I’ll use Auto Mall. If I can find the contract award, I’ll post it.

  10. As you get older, you must lose track of time. Council awarded the contract in June, 2010, to RGW Construction for $3.73 million. And the project extends from Washington to Grimmer, not just to Auto Mall. It is logical to wait to start construction until the end of winter to avoid weather impacts. I only missed by seven months.

  11. #10 – Charlie C.’s never ending and singular focus on, yes you guessed it, the ballpark.

    An excerpt from Gary Peterson’s column, “Lew Wolff’s constant whine about Oakland, A’s not improving with age”

    “It has become a rite of spring, not unlike stinkweed and incapacitating allergies.
    Yes, Lew Wolff is bloviating again.

    The A’s co-owner, in an interview with Bloomberg News published Tuesday, revisited his favorite whining points vis-à-vis his baseball team and what he believes to be its manifest destiny:

    “I’m aghast that, not so much (Giants managing partner) Bill Neukom, but (Giants president) Larry Baer could be so adamant that we will hurt their team by being 50 miles away,” Wolff told Bloomberg. “It’s so ridiculous to me. This is really a shovel-ready project that is being stopped by a disagreement with the Giants.”

    This is a recording.

    It’s the never-ending story. And frankly, it’s losing its charm.”

    Charlie C. and Mr. Wolff have much in common.

  12. Thanks Gus. Hope they don’t start at the Grimmer end.

  13. #14…VOR your post has more to do with disapproval than with reverence. History will prove that the Fremont Citizens Network opposition to the ballpark was a most colossal blunder. Now your misguided gang won’t even go out and try and save a tree in Niles Canyon! I suppose that your gangs “singular focus” would be to get your the all development is bad candidate (Serria Club member) elected to the city council in 2012. Then your boy (no names) can do what he does best and scare away any high end developer who hasn’t been scared away already!

  14. OK – back to the original topic:
    IF you want to state your opinion about (from what I hear) 500 trees biting the dust, the best person to contact at CalTrans is District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi. A phone call is best and only takes a couple minutes. The CalTrans number is (510) 286-4444.

    E-mail is: bijan_sartipi@dot.ca.gov

    IF you are for this – please go back to American Idol and continue eating your Cheetos…..

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