Fremont News of the Day

My WiFi is working again, so I guess I have no excuse not to re-write police logs than anyone can get directly from Nixle.

From the cops:
A resident on the 39200 block of Monterey Way scared off a burglar, who was preparing to make a grand entrance through a bedroom window.

Someone shot out a window at the 1st United Services Credit Union on Mowry over the weekend. Same thing happened to The Argus about two years ago. Then we moved to Centerville, where nogoodniks like to scratch stuff into windows, but not shoot them out.

From the web:
Could this be Solyndra’s loan to end all loans? The feds sure hope so.

Fremont, where all the cops are strong, all the crooks are sophisticated, and all the computer programers are bound and gagged.

Matt Artz

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