Matt Artz


  1. Eighty million bucks. Can we get a breakdown on this Matt?


  2. I’d like to see Caltrans use this $80 million project allocation to resurface Mission Boulevard from north of Nursery Avenue down to at least Walnut Avenue to the south (minus the block on either side of Niles Canyon which was resurfaced at the time of the construction a number of years ago.) This is a very important state route for which Caltrans is responsible, and they have shirked their responsibility and let this road disintegrate to the point where it is hazardous to all our automobiles’ tires and alignments.
    I’d also like to see large semi-trailers restricted from using Niles Canyon and sent back onto the 680 freeway. If such trucks are legally barred from using the 580 freeway up through Oakland, it only makes sense that they should be kept out of this beautiful winding canyon road and redirected onto the nearby 680 freeway where they really belong because of their size and maneuverability.

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