Niles Canyon Protest

There were  more than six people  demonstrating Saturday against Caltrans’ first of three projects to widen Niles Canyon Road. I’m told Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski and Vinnie Bacon addressed protestors.


And when it was all said and done, Bruce Cates got to keep his straw hat:


Matt Artz


  1. I counted close to 70 people at one point! It was AWESOME to have so many people there, covering ALL corners AND the islands next to the turn lanes. We handed out 300 flyers and could have handed out more, had we printed more up.

  2. Did Vinnie correlate economic development to preserving Hwy 84 to the width of a stage coach trail?

    I thought progressives were into progress.

  3. so people would rather have drivers keep killing themselves to save a few trees? Caltrans is responsible for improving traffic safety and they are doing their job. Sadly, a few trees have to go, but I see that as a suitable trade off. I HATE going thru Niles because the speed limit is set so low now to prevent people from killing themselves. So I guess the argument is: we want no one to use it (then close it to traffic) OR we want to limit traffic on it (sorry, I pay taxes and want it open) OR make improvements to allow reasonable traffic. No one wants this to go to 4 lanes, but a safe 2 lane road is very reasonable.

  4. John, what did the speed limit used to be in Niles Canyon? It’s currently 45 MPH, so the 6 mile trip takes 8 minutes. If you could go 60 MPH, you could save 2 minutes.

  5. I recall years ago driving the canyon at 65 miles per hour. Most if not all was not posted, so under the California speed law at the time you could drive the state speed limit on any highway ‘as long as it was safe to do so.’

    This was when the canyon road was much narrower than it is today, the width of the lanes were as wide as those under the trestles with pot holes, rocks and divits all along the shoulders.

  6. How much do you want to bet that MORE people are killed per year AFTER CalTrans “improvements” to make the road (faster?)

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