State redevelopment report doesn’t ding Fremont

Fremont came out pretty well on state audit of 18 redevelopment agencies.

State Controller John Chiang didn’t single out Fremont’s redevelopment agency for any misdeeds. However, he did write that all 18 redevelopment agencies had reporting deficiencies and the independent auditors for all 18 redevelopment agencies failed to identify major audit violations and didn’t include all required information in the audit reports.

Fremont was one of eight redevelopment agencies that didn’t maintain data showing the number of jobs created from redevelopment activities.

Several agencies were singled out:

Pittsburg was found to have had a lack of documentation and an undocumented load.

San Jose was found to have excess salaries and benefits charged to the redevelopment agency.

Desert Hot Springs was found to have made ineligible charges against its low- and moderate-income housing fund.

To read the report, click here.

Matt Artz

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