Niles Canyon Road meeting


Not a lot of new info at today’s public forum on Niles Canyon Road.

Caltrans is moving ahead with the first project, for which its already chopped down between 81 and 100 trees, but you guys knew that.

Niles and Sunol people — I counted nearly 100, mostly gray beards — were angry and a little belligerent, but you knew that too.

Caltrans won’t unveil its plan for the big second project until Autumn, which is about six months later than originally planned. That could mean they’re looking at major changes to their proposal.

Also, Caltrans said Fremont’s proposal to ban trucks may not have the safety impacts the city seems to think. Even though trucks account for a disproportionate number of collisions on the street, about 80 percent of those involve pickup trucks or slightly larger vehicles like UPS trucks. The city couldn’t band those things. The kind of trucks the city could ban — the big 18 wheelers, account for relatively few accidents.

Photo by Steven Ashley Wilson

Matt Artz