Ishan Shah writes the news

Fremont wunderkind Ishan Shah got his first article published online today. Not surprisingly, it’s an opinion piece. And it concerns someone I know a lot about: Rep. Peter King, R – New York.

King’s been in the news a lot because he’s chairing hearings investigating whether American Muslims are becoming radicalized terrorists.

My first volunteering gig was working to keep King from ever going to Congress. I volunteered for King’s Democratic opponent in 1992 — the year King was first elected and the year Ishan was born.

My job was mostly to visit libraries and get all the old newspaper clips about King on microfilm and microfiche. No Internet back then. Ironically in that campaign, we cast King as the terrorist sympathizer.

King was a very public supporter of the IRA, and that was back when it was blowing up London and Northern Ireland. But the IRA was pretty darn popular in that part of Long Island, which is home to many Irish and Italian Catholics. You’d see a lot of those 26 + 6 = 1 bumper stickers, which meant that the British should get their wanker arses out of Northern Ireland.

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  1. I’m having a Usual Suspects/Kobayashi moment with your liberal bias. The vegan diet, Berkeley, Yankee elitism and now having campaigned for a Democrat. It’s all coming together now.

    VOR, can you recommend some fair and balanced(TM) reporting for me? What channel on the clicker?

  2. Ishan, Well written. But, are you in favor of considering Sharia Law in America? I am with you on many points, but it’s not clear why you take issue with the outright ban, as there is active support for Sharia Law in the UK and Canada as a vehicle for promoting a distorted concept multi-culturalism.

    Otherwise, I don’t have much faith in Congress to conduct real business in public. Hearings are a great place for performances, but nothing tangible is ever accomplished. Because of that, I don’t see the point in poking Islam in the eye for this.

  3. Marty, give me a little more credit than that. I am not for the consideration of any religious laws when it comes to the governance of this country. Christian values, Hindu values, Islamic values, Jewish values….we could go on and on about how each seems to encourage ideas that would not be received well in modern society. Yet, that being considered, we aren’t going around, and out our way, to deliberately ban the rules outlined in the Bible, Baghvad Gita, or the Torah. It is like I said in my article when I was talking about Lee Baca’s testimony- There were MORE terror plots attempted/planned against the US by domestic non-islamic groups than there were by all the radical terror groups across the world. How can you justify singling out Muslims when clearly the problem of radicalization is NOT limited to that community by any means?

    Side note: I feel like multiculturalism is like affirmative action. There are times when it is appropriate and there are times where it isn’t. But it is very much relevant here when you consider the isolation play Congressman King is running on Muslims in America.

  4. When I say give me a little more credit I was referring to you asking me if I was in favor of Sharia Law in America, not for the part where you said well done. Thank you for that part haha.

  5. I think the constitutional Framers specifically targeted Christianity when writing the first amendment, so I disagree that a president is being set here.

    I think you’re parsing words when comparing domestic campaigns being Islam vs non-Islam related. As our world currently exists, Islam-based terror is the most active by magnitudes.

    As you know, Americans have a serious issue with political Islam and should rightly defend against it’s propagation, as it is probablly the worst model of governance this planet has ever seen.

    I feel banning Sharia Law is an acknowledgment of a movement, which isn’t fictitious by any means. Many westernized Muslim intellectuals advocate for the coexistence of Sharia Law. I can’t imagine why Muslims would feel singled out by it’s ban any more than a conservative would feel singled out when AG Eric Holder investigates right wing militias.

    Regardless, I think deliberate rules and deliberate discussion needs to be directed at the issue of Islam. King’s show is the wrong place to do it. But I feel satisfied that in all likelihood the CIA and FBI are doing a fine job understanding and preventing terror attacks free from the scrutiny of hypersensitive advocacy groups like CAIR, et al whose interests I believe often diverge.

  6. Watch now as the U.S. government aligns itself with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  7. King supported Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein when they led Northern Ireland into the Peace process. Hardly the stuff of radicalized Islamic terror.

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