Assembly one vote shy of killing redevelopment

Got a voicemail that the Assembly was one vote shy of doing away with redevelopment. More votes probably to come. I’m told Assemblymember Wieckowski voted in favor of ending redevelopment.

Matt Artz


  1. Nuntown, I’ll gladly step up an bash Wieckowski with the best of them, but this is a pretty lame jab.

  2. A lame jab, I agree, but a valid larger point.

    Term limits have been horrible for the state, putting too much power into lobbyist hands. Crippling the unions just puts power into business’s hands. Wieckowski is likely far more prepared than the typical Representative, but I would rather have seen more of Torrico.

    We talk so much about the horrors of pension problems, and safety unions have definitely gotten too much since 9/11, but we bail out banks to the tune of trillions while walking away from the poor, the sick, and the young.

    MBA business thinking ruined education. MBA business thinking ruined finance. MBA business thinking inflated then destroyed the housing market. MBA business thinking ruined GM and Chrysler. MBA business thinking ruined our nation.

    When all is said and done, when the destruction of unions finishes, we will suffer as the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class disappears.

    Oh wait, we’re already 50% there.

  3. Jon Simon — I think that you have something here about the MBA thinking.

    I’ve been reading about the coming of the ‘singularity’ the arrival of a computer that is smarter than humans that takes over running everything, some think to the detriment of the humans species.

    I think that we’ve already gotten there, with the overtaking of humans by MBA driven corporations. Entities that have no human ethics or goals, other than to make a profit for their stockholders.

    We have to fix this.

  4. My word, a conspiracy fostered by a college degree and computers conquering the human race. You guys are worse than the truthers.

  5. Marty,
    Have you been keeping up with the financial crisis in this country? The math wizzes that developed the computer programs for trading derivitives and the speedy frontrunner trading programs had a very big part in the financial crash a couple of years ago. The story is out now in a number of new books and the oscar winning movie —
    Ever expanding, profit driven corporations run by ethically bereft people result in a huge amount of damage to plain old unincorporated people. They have the means to fund their friends in academia, government, and even churches and non-profit social organizations to help them accomplish their ends.
    They can advise and control their vast networks with the help of a few computers.
    Not so far fetched.

  6. Yes, Poppie. And if you were paying attention to that Oscar winning movie, you’d know the Chinese finance minister who was interviewed made the point that these “math wizzes” had engineering degrees, not MBAs.

    Still, I don’t think the “MBA mentality” is bad, and I don’t think computers are a threat to the human race.

  7. Marty, my point is that with the help of MBA’s and the use of computers and unlimited funds for political persuasion, the corporations have formed a ‘singularity’ that is outcompeting human individuals and other forms of human organizations.

    You’ll find something to nitpick with anybody that posts here.


  8. Poppie…could’nt agree with you more.

    Take Vinnies’ lead (as I did) and just don’t respond.

    Anyone can be a critic.

    After a while either it will change or people will leave the site (blog) and go somewhere else to express themselfs without the directed condensending comments.

    …it would end up being “the Marty Blog”

  9. Poppie, I agree with your overall sentiment of financial inequity. But the MBA bias and computer conspiracies are ridiculous.

    Martin, How about on odd days you can post baseless ideas without the nagging fear of being challenged? Make sure you tell Vinnie.

  10. Bbox, #13,
    Thanx, enjoyed the video

    Martin #16

  11. #13-B,
    Looks like the pompous gas bag is at it again. Once again B in the Box has passed enough wind to inflate countless blimps. Box… I expect and will continue to be amused by any and all future garrulous comments directed my way. You might as well be throwing marshmallows at a battleship. I sincerely hope your little friend (#18 West) will some day be able to cross the street by yourself.

  12. #13-B, rev1*
    Looks like the pompous gas bag is at it again. Once again B in the Box has passed enough wind to inflate countless blimps. Box… I expect and will continue to be amused by any and all future garrulous comments directed my way. You might as well be throwing marshmallows at a battleship. I sincerely hope (*you and) your little friend (#18 West) will some day be able to cross the street by yourself.

  13. Bbox,
    Free Speech is wonderful, but sometimes it is better to ignore then respond to.
    Well you know who I am talking about, do not repond to the Master Baiters on the blog.

  14. #21-West…Master Baiters– VERY compelling.
    If you running out of marshmallows I think there are some more right next to the bacon.

  15. #23 Marty…
    A 95% probability it’s the same poster. West and or Calguy is not one to reply when painted into a corner. I assume he will hunker down in the bunker and and be back soon as one or the other.
    #24 Martin…
    I guess you agree with West as well.
    Unlike West and or Calguy I don’t think Martin and or Marty are the same poster.

  16. “amen”

    @Martin, Knowing that the content of my posts are less challenged than the fact that I am “allowed” to post speaks for itself. You can fantasize about Caliguy “masterbaiting” all you like. It won’t change the fact that I’m right, and you lack the intelligence to articulate otherwise.

    Cheers to you, while you pray on that.

  17. # 25 Charlie, no I do not agree with West.

    # 26 Marty, it seems that you are the one fantasizing.

    Let me articulate this:
    #1 I’m not a religious person, however I was given my “last rights” in 1967, so to a certain extent I do believe. Be careful with your implications.
    #2 my college gpa was 3.87 What was yours ?
    #3 Trying to convince everyone that you are right is not proof that you are correct.
    #4 I have not and will not post anything here or elsewhere that I would’nt say to a person directly.

  18. Marty…Again I’ll ask since you avoided answering my previous question

    What was your gpa ?

    Instead of answering the question you make another degrading comment.

    Come on, it’s a simple question.

  19. As a product of Fremont’s MSJ schools, a 3.87 GPA is pretty good I think. But it really depends on what school the person went to. For instance, I graduated from UC-Berkeley with a 3.28 GPA

  20. Since you’re hot on this, it was 3.70+ in both undergrad and graduate programs. These were both UC campuses, but not Cal.

    Now, for the degrading comment – instead of going through life bragging about your GPA, perhaps you can exhibit some intelligence in the content of your posts. Your modest accolades can only get you so far.

  21. I stated my gpa once and then raised the question that you finally answered, bragging would be posting it several times is succession.
    I should add that I achieved those grades while also working full time.
    Again you attempt to insult my intelligence with a snide parting shot.
    If my accolades are modest I am more than comfortable with that without regrets.

  22. bragging would be posting it several times is succession

    Oh, really!?

    I worked through college too, Martin. You’re not very special in any respect.

  23. Marty is a difficult person. He just loves to argue to show how smart he is.

  24. #31 Audrey Thank you for the honest, possitive comment.

    #35 Robert Correct on both points, Thanks.

    I love a good arguement/discussion as long as it is constructive and eventually ends at the resolution of the arguement/discussion, it should not include cheap shots or personal insults, for these do not need to be inferred by either party to discuss or to resolve issues as adults.

  25. Robert, I will refrain from showing how smart I am and instead post my college GPA and demand that others do the same. I think Martin has proved this method to have the most class.

  26. Confronting someone in a personalized and offensive nature, or, creating the appearance of a momentary and sincere conversation, but of topics not central to the TCB, has the very same result – the attentions of BLOG participants are directed to topics other than the antics of our current leaders and city management.

    Who benefits from this kind of nonesense ?

  27. Chinmoy, I think Dubya has me on smarts. Have you had a chance to introduce yourself to our resident overachiever? He worked though college.

    I always like to wrap up posts that turn into Marty bashing threads — if for nothing other than brevity and a historical record for those who stumble upon this page after googling the terms “Wiekowski pee GPA”.

    To summarize this one, Wieckowski is either a very busy man or he has prostate cancer, MBA programs are rolling out practitioners of evil, a computer called “Singularity” will overtake the human race, the average college GPA of a TCB poster is 3.61, and there’s a possibility that I conspire with the city government to distract people, and if so it worked with Californiaguy.

  28. From todays San Jose Mercury…
    Reasonable development by reasonable people.

    “The 49ers will get $4 million now, and can spend up to $36 million more knowing the city would repay the team later when it gets the money through future property tax revenue. Overall, the city has pledged $114 million in public money toward the stadium, but nothing from its general fund. The 49ers will use the first chunk of money to relocate utilities, improve access on the site and complete other work necessary before the construction can begin.”

    While Santa Clara “gets it” and can only benifit… Fremont needs to do some serious reflection about how they got it so wrong.

  29. Real disappointment eh, Charlie ?

    And, you know the only thing worse than a few dozen soccer moms playing the NIMBY card, was the fact that there wasn’t any kind of critical mass of support for this thing.

    What a shame our Mayor and COuncil came up almost completely ineffectual on any counter and supportive effort . . hell, with all the connections *T H E Y* have – – – and they couldn’t get a little buzz goin’ ?

    What a crying shame, Charlie . . . . . you’re right, – – somebody dropped the ball big time on this one !

  30. there wasn’t any kind of critical mass of support for this thing.

    Yes, Box. After all, Americans hate baseball.

  31. #42 BOX…
    Are you stewing in your guilt???

    Yes, the Fremont Citizens Network and their leaders (no names) screwed Fremont BIG TIME… you know it. When it’s time to vote for city council in the next election this must be taken into consideration. Reasonable people who want what is BEST for their community must NOT vote for the candidate with the most LEMON yellow signs.

    FYI…As of December 2010, the highest finite Bacon number reported by the Oracle of Bacon is 9.

  32. Oh, heck no – Americans LOVE baseball – – – which is exactly why this had to have been such a massive “swing-and-a-miss” by Wasserman et-al.

    With all the pro-baseball sentiment that must exist, and with the backing of so many in their community – – why was it that the only voices that were (seemingly) heard and responded to were that of a few dozen opponents ?

    Hell, this is California, you’re going to have some nay-sayers if you sneeze – – anyone that thinks otherwise is out of touch.

    The question is, with all of this pro-baseball sentiment, with all of this pent-up demand, dontcha think that any 2-bit politico could have mustered a proper supporting response – – but, once again, we fall flat on our respective faces because . . . . . . ????

    Attempting to hold FCN responsible for Lew’s decision attributes far greater credit than, frankly, even I think they deserve – –

    If there was a failure in this process, credit for that failure lays solely and primarily in the hands of our leaders and management.

  33. There were two pro-stadium rallies and a short lived pro-stadium group. I supported the stadium and I attended neither of the events. My guess is that people probably thought it would happen.

  34. Boy – – – now *that* seems like a pretty big miss and says something . . . . not sure what it says but maybe that Fremontians are very different from a very large cross-section of the larger N. American population ?

    Because other communities get behind something like this and promote the hell out of it. But not Fremont . .. .

    Which now calls into question your first hypothesis . . . and just maybe, Fremontians are also so different that they also don’t care (much) for baseball.

    Good points, Marty.

  35. Not surprised, Marty –

    It was *your* point after all.

  36. … and please do not delude yourself.

    There is no conversation that you are involved in that *I* consider sincere. . . . at any level.

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