Fremont City Council History

Sometimes we break news and sometimes we have about a three month lag time. This falls into the latter category.

In January former Mayor Gus Morrison sent out a spreadsheet documenting the tenures of all 35 men and women who over the past 55 years have sacrificed their Tuesday nights for Fremont residents and strip mall developers.

From Gus:

As you can see, in our 55 year history, only 38 people have been elected to the council.  Three others were appointed, but did ever run for election.  Of those 41, 19 have died and 9 have moved away from Fremont, leaving 13 still here.  5 of you are serving and the remaining 8 are watching closely.
Of those who left office (some more than once, so the count won’t work) 18 decided not to run again, 13 lost reelection, 4 termed out, 2 were temporary appointees, and 1 resigned office.

Here’s the spreadsheet:
council history of fremont

Matt Artz