Fremont City Council History

Sometimes we break news and sometimes we have about a three month lag time. This falls into the latter category.

In January former Mayor Gus Morrison sent out a spreadsheet documenting the tenures of all 35 men and women who over the past 55 years have sacrificed their Tuesday nights for Fremont residents and strip mall developers.

From Gus:

As you can see, in our 55 year history, only 38 people have been elected to the council.  Three others were appointed, but did ever run for election.  Of those 41, 19 have died and 9 have moved away from Fremont, leaving 13 still here.  5 of you are serving and the remaining 8 are watching closely.
Of those who left office (some more than once, so the count won’t work) 18 decided not to run again, 13 lost reelection, 4 termed out, 2 were temporary appointees, and 1 resigned office.

Here’s the spreadsheet:
council history of fremont

Matt Artz


  1. Interesting and informative. Thanks! I see the current mayor has held the most years in political office. Anyway what’s the best route to getting elected to the City Council? (This is just a curious 26-year-old asking.) Does one need to be on the Planning Commission first? Also would Fremont elect a city councilmember under the age of 30? haha probably not

  2. oops i suck.. I mean Gus Morrison had the most years in city council.. sorry… –> the previous comment was an epic fail on my end

  3. Audrey,
    Unfortunately, Fremont voters follow the “devil you know is better than the devil you don’t” mantra when voting.
    And the Council appoints planning commissioners which will further their agenda to have Fremont be a developers dream with no consideration for the current residents.
    I would love for someone new to get elected to city council, but sadly, I think we’ll have to wait until the ones there retire or die, whichever comes first.

  4. I was leaping to correct Audrey, when she corrected herself. Jen, a narrow, but important correction. The mayor appoints all commissioners, but the council must concur. I didn’t have much trouble getting concurrence on most commissioners, but appointing a planning commissioner was a difficult process trying to find two more votes.

    And, of the 38 people elected to the council, 25 did not serve on the planning commission. Of course, the first five never served, making it 20 who had the opportunity but did not. Most recently, Dominic Dutra, Bill Pease, JoNelle Zager, Gary Mello, Alane Loisel, John Baker, and Bob Wasserman were elected without serving on the planning commission.

    Harrison, Chan, Natarajan, Wieckowski, Cho, Zlatnik, and John Dutra served on the planning commission.

    It is logical, somehow, to provide someone the opportunity to prove themselves before they run. But, in general, if someone was blatant about using it as a stepping stone to council, I wouldn’t appoint them.

  5. Getting known and liked by many citizens is the most important part of getting elected in Fremont. Then people are more likely to vote for you, and tell their friends to do the same. Volunteering, commission appointments, and running a large business help get you known. Running for office also gets your name out, but campaigning successfully takes tremendous amounts of money and effort.

  6. It appears you used an early version of Gus’ spreadsheet or he forgot to change it. I was NOT termed out. I could have run for another term but chose not to. (How many politicians that you know quit while they were ahead?)

    I did serve on the Planning Commission but I was thrown off mid-term by the very council members who were later recalled. Many women who are elected to local office do so after 15-20 years of local involvement. The biggest obstacle to younger folks getting elected is lack of name recognition and difficulty of raising money for the campaign.

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