Matt Artz


  1. Who published this chart? What do the columns mean?

  2. The columns are the diversity index for 2000 and 2010. USA Today came up with the diversity index. Our newspaper chain put together the spreadsheet.

    The USA TODAY Diversity Index shows increases in every state since 2000. The index was created to measure how racially and ethnically diverse the population is. It uses the percentage of each race counted by the Census Bureau — white, black, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian — and Hispanic ethnicity to calculate the chance that any two people are from different groups. The scale ranges from 0 (no diversity) to 100.

  3. Biologists use something called the Shannon-Weiner index to characterize relative diversity of organisms in a given population . . . .. I’m betting this is the basis of the indicies in the Excel Matt has supplied . . .

    To better understand the data you might look at –

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