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Oops again

By Matt Artz
Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 10:58 am in Uncategorized.

Karma is a you-know-what.

A few weeks ago I posted that photo of the mangled Fremont fire station garage door. Sure enough this week, someone crashed into my beautiful garage in Oakland, putting it out of commission. Oh well.


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  • Robert

    Matt, maybe somebody’s got the “Matt Artz” voodo doll. :)

  • Louis

    I am hella upset your garage door got crunched.

    If you lived in Walnut Creek, you wouldn’t have to suffer this type of discretion.

  • bbox231

    I was never a fan of the notion of karma . . . too many of the “good” folks seem to die young.

    The occassional irony of random events is significant enough to have had its own label –

    Sadly, payback is one of those that no one ever likes to consider as a prospect, but is very real in our world . . . . .