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fremontFrom the cops:
A person walking home with beer from the AM/PM station at Blacow and Stevenson was an easy target for a heavyset perp. The perp struck the victim in the head and took his iPod.

Burglars broke a rear sliding glass door to a home on Cruz Court off of Gomes Road, and grabbed some jewelry.

Lots of burglaries at this storage facility on Enterprise Drive.

Matt Artz


  1. Why doesn’t the Storage Facility have it’s own cameras? They don’t cost much to have, and you’d think that they’d be selling security along with storage. Inside job, maybe?

  2. Something gets lost in the translation, Poppie.

    I saw the original coverage on last nights’ news and at the end of the live coverage, the camera zooms in on security cameras that are INSIDE the storage facility as the reporter states that FPD are reviewing footage from “these cameras” to determine . . . .blah blah blah.

    The cameras mentioned were certainly within the storage facility, not just part of a security system on adjacent properties as suggested in the written article.

  3. Bbox231 is correct about the cameras and both ways it was reported.

    ‘nine burglaries RECENTLY at the public storage facility on Enterprize’….What, waiting for #10 or more before reporting ? Nothing on Nixle ? Papers ?

    Cherisa (victim) called KTVU and it’s reported on.
    Whats’ sad is that this family already lost employment, then their home, then this.
    I agree with the husband about KARMA may it be 10 fold.

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