Fremont News of the Day

I had two stories in the Sunday paper:
This onewas about Red light camera violations going way down at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and Mohave Drive after Caltrans lengthened the yellow light by 0.7 seconds. I’ve got a bad feeling I wrote “Mohave Boulevard” in the story instead of “Mohave Drive.” Good thing street signs can’t call and demand corrections.

And this one is about Paddy’s Coffee House in Union City giving up live music rather than paying another $400 to get a license for copyrighted music.

From the cops:
A motorist lost control of his car and crashed into a tree while driving to pass a dump truck on Mission Boulevard south of Paseo Padre Parkway. The driver of the dump truck tried to assist, but did more harm than good. He forgot to put his truck in park. The unattended truck rolled right into the car that smashed into the tree.

Police arrested a knife-waving man who was ranting about the government outside the Armed Forces Recruiting Center.

A student at Horner Junior High School lost an iPod to a knife-wielding robber.

Four men with handguns robbed the safe and laptop from the McDonalds near Fremont Boulevard and Mowry Avenue.

Police arrested a man they say attacked his ex-girlfriend with a broken bottle at the El Camino Real bar in Niles.

A customer at CJ Liquors got between a drunk man and his pronography and nearly paid a dear price. The store clerk wanted the drunk man out of the store. The customer tried to help, and ended up punching the drunk pornography peruser in the face several times. The drunk left the store, but came back shortly with a knife yelling
at the customer, “You’re going to die.”  There was a short struggle before the the drunk left again. He was later arrested.

Matt Artz


  1. I heard on CH 2 news the 680 toll road is a bust. It’s being used very little. It was supposed to generate 2million in tolls per year but is only in the 400,000 dollar range. At a cost of 195 million to build this toll lane looks like more taxpayer money down a rat hole

  2. Skumar #1
    I completly agree with you. I travel 680 several times a week going to San Jose. I rarely see any single drivers in the toll lane.
    There are plans for more of this Lexus lanes, financial fiascos.
    Haven’t we payed for these roads once already.

  3. The addition of a carpool lane helps traffic, but I agree, northward traffic needs the lane much more. How much of the costs are for collecting of tolls versus building the additional lane?

  4. Jon Simon,
    Jon I use 680 often and I have seen no evidence, that it helps traffic.
    This is a monumental waste of taxpayers money. I have seen very few single drivers in the toll lane.
    The unfortunate thing is they have plans for many more of this stupidity.
    It is no wonder that the state of California is in such a fiscal mess.

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