Matt Artz


  1. Matt,
    This data is a year old! What is Fremont’s total Pension Liabilities and Health Care for life costing Fremont?
    How much does Fremont owe the Pension / Heath care fund.
    The residents of Fremont should know this.
    Please give us data not colored pictures.
    I appreciate your work Matt

  2. I agree with what #1 is I think implying. My issue is not how well managed the pensions funds are, but if these benefits should be as extensive as they are. Based on what I’ve seen in the public employee compensation database, total compensation has gotten way out there.

    When the economy is good, nobody notices bad management. When the economy is bad, they stand out. That’s been my observation whether it’s a public, non-profit or business entity.

  3. pensions are different depending on agency/agreements,
    fusd classified employees pensions are a 7.5% liability
    7.5 % is matched by the employee.police & fire is higher because they don’t pay into their PERS.If they stopped allowing “spiking”,early retirement,and made
    everyone pay their way the state would be off the hook for these pensions.

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