Fremont News of the late afternoon

fremontFrom the cops

Someone managed to snag the key to the locked cigarette cabinet at the Safeway in Irvington and depart with more than $2,000 in stolen cigarettes.

Meanwhile at Raley’s, a burglar battled with store security before being arrested by the cops.
And in Niles, an officer spotted a stolen van and waited for the driver to take off. The cop stopped the driver and arrested him.

From the world of fine cuisine:

Fremont’s New Yong Kang Seafood Restaurant was named to the Top 100 local favorites at the 7th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards. This according to Small Business Services in Newark. Fishy.

From the City Council:

Council members pleased disability rights leaders by approving new design standards to make buildings more accessible. They pleased me by adjourning before 8 p.m.

Matt Artz

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