Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

One day after a burglar stole $2,000 worth of cigarettes from the Safeway in Irvington, a farsighted robber entered the premises. He followed a woman and wrestled from her what he thought was her purse, but turned out to be her umbrella. He gave up the umbrella and fled the scene.

A drunk driver collided into a street light at Paseo Padre Parkway and Darwin. Officers arrested the driver.

Two officers stopped a driver at Davis Street and Grimmer Boulevard. The driver was nervous, and when officers tried to search him, he attacked. Officers subdued the driver, found marijuana in the care and arrested him for drug possession and fighting with police.

From the world of cricket:

UPDATE #2: OMG: India won! I have no idea what I’ve just seen. India vs Pakistan in the semis next week.

UPDATE #1 India’s coming back. This is borderline not horribly boring.

Woe is India. The pre-tournament favorites are losing in the Cricket World Cup quarter finals  by like 100 widgets (or whatever they call those things) to Australia. We should know the winner sometime next week. Pakistan has already made it into the semis.

Matt Artz