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This story about Ohlone College Trustee Nick Nardolillo living outside the district at his winery and home in Livermore for the past 11 years will run in Saturday’s paper. I wanted to give you guys some background on it.

You may recall late last year I wrote about the Ohlone College Board of Trustees passing over Nardolillo for board president even though it was his turn. A commenter on the blog went on tirade mostly about my crappy reporting, but also about Nardolillo living in Livermore.

I had heard those rumors too, mostly from other reporters, who had looked into it in 2004 when Nardolillo last ran in a contested election.

So I decided to investigate. And their is substantial evidence that Nardolillo lives in Livermore, where he owns a share of White Crane Winery and The Wild Vine wine bar.

I’ll save the details for the story, although later I might scan and attach some of the public records I found, including a sworn statement from Nardolillo’s attorney back in 2004 confirming that Nardolillo had, in fact, moved to Livermore.

I’ll also note this and this. Nardolillo says listing himself as a Livermore resident is more about promoting his winery.

I spent quite some time going over public records  before talking to Nardolillo, his ex-fiance and his ex-business partner

About 6 p.m. Monday, I knocked on Nardolillo’s front door in Livermore. He was home, but didn’t want to talk. I choose Monday because I knew his wine bar was closed Mondays, and if he was going to spend a night  in Fremont, it would probably be a Monday night.

At the same time I was in Livermore, another Argus reporter knocked on the Fremont residence where Nardolillo rents a room in return for $400 a month in free wine. Several tenants didn’t want to talk. They deferred to a woman who said that Nardolillo doesn’t live there.

At first Nardolillo was angry and figured my visit was about politics. He said something to the extent that certain political parties in Fremont make trouble if they don’t get their people into office.

But when we talked by phone on Thursday, he was open and helpful. He did provide me with tax returns filed from the Fremont address where he rents the room. He also provided me the rental agreement.

He says he has stayed at that home this year, but can’t recall his last visit.

He’s busy in Livermore. He said his situation wasn’t really different from Ohlone Trustee Garrett Yee being away when he was working in Iraq.

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Matt Artz


  1. Did this man really just compare sitting on his behind in a winery in Livermore to the situation of an individual IN OUR ARMED FORCES deployed to Iraq? Apples to oranges Nick, or let’s put it in terms you can understand: apples to grapes. Mr. Artz, this is stellar reporting, and I hope somebody has the courage to report this man to the attorney general’s office so he can be removed.

  2. Even though it may in some narrow way be legal, it surely does not follow the spirit of residency laws and seems to me to be grossly unethical.

    It is very disturbing to me that people on the board he serves on, people reporting on him in the newspaper, and other political people throughout districts have never raised this issue.
    Good board members should know their associates very well to be able to work efficiently to work well with them. If they didn’t know where he was living and working, they are not competent.
    If they knew where he was living and have done nothing about it, they are not ethical. What other business of their associates are they turning a blind eye to? How can we trust them?
    Why do old guys like him get to keep warming their seats when there are literally thousands of newcomers in Fremont/Union City and Newark with talents and credentials that would do very well for the real residents here??
    This stinks, and his political friends and associates stink too.

  3. There’s nothing in some way narrowly legal about it.
    For the past 11 years this joker’s been illegally sitting on the Ohlone board of trustees.

    Without giving this joker a speck more benifit of the legality doubt, the city should immediately sue him demanding the return of every dollar this fraud was paid.

    Let it be for him, not us, to have to prove that he been living in Fremont for the past 11 years when he hasn’t.

    If he then decides to immediately resign, we MIGHT consider dropping the suit.

    C’mon Fremont.

  4. I’m no fan of Garrett’s but….members of the Reserves enjoy job and position protection while on deployment. For Nardolillo to suggest that making wine gives him the same protection as a member of the Reserves is insulting.

    And yes Bluff, someone does have the guts to take it to the Attorney General – ME! This is outrageous.

  5. A small note:

    The City of Fremont does not pay Ohlone Board Trustees.

    The Ohlone Community College District does.


  6. And the Ohlone Community College District gets it’s money from………….

  7. Matt, I see “They” got you on their payroll. How about doing some more stellar investigative reporting on other Fremont Politicians? Bet you won’t.

  8. Nick, you better keep your mouth shut until you speak with an attorney. If you traded wine for rent because you don’t have a paper trail to prove that you paid rent, then you needs to file a 1099 B tax form with the IRS for every year. And your “landlord” needed to report this as income. If you didn’t, you could face penalties, fines or jail time.

  9. Aka Papa,

    Most of it comes from the state. Just a minor point.

  10. The number to the FPPC Anonymous tip line:

    on Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to Noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m

    If Mr. Nardollilo has not resigned by Friday, I will be leaving complaints with the AG, Registrar of Voters, and the FPPC.

  11. I can’t think of any reason why Mr. Nardolillo won’t have resigned by Friday.

    He must be pleased with himself for getting away with it for the past ten years.

  12. I will join bluff in reporting Mr. Nardolillo on Friday if he has not resigned by then. I think people should go to the next board meeting and let him know we are not very happy with what he has done. Perhaps we can guilt him if he has a shred of decency he will quit.

  13. Great story, but I’m surprised this didn’t come out earlier

  14. Great story, but I’m surprised this didn’t come out earlier

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