A patient mayor


It seems like every year it takes the Chamber of Commerce more time to get through its business before the mayor can finally  give the State of the City Address. Mayor Wasserman didn’t begin his speech until about 1:30 p.m. today.

During the Chamber ramblings, I managed to snag someone else’s dessert and snatch all of the lunch rolls at a table that foolishly welcomed me to take a seat.

But as you can see in the above photo, Wasserman didn’t have the option to nibble. He had to wait out the Chamber folks all alone on the dais, listening to all of the speeches from behind, while rolling his own speech into a cylinder. At least he had a comfy looking chair.

To read Wasserman’s speech, click here.

No new Applebees this year, but the mayor did note the new Any Mountain and Nissan Dealership and Nordstrom Rack. He neglected to mention the new kebab house, several new Indian restaurants or the new Afghan Cultural Center.

He also played a five-minute promotional video with a special guest appearance from President Obama. If Tesla and Solyndra go under, someone at City Hall is going to be ordered to destroy every copy of that video and eradicate it from the internet.

Matt Artz


  1. Its good training for the Unity Dinner. Without a doubt the worst event in Fremont. No structure, never on time. 2 people to introduce every long winded speaker and several introductions for every politician. Jeevan fix it please. It could be a much better event.

  2. What a stirring presentation.

    I especially liked the part where Bobbie says – “Let’s hope we have a success . . . . . “

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