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District Attorney opens investigation into Nardolillo

By Matt Artz
Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 at 4:58 pm in Uncategorized.

nardoWe got confirmation today that the DA is investigating. No response from Nardolillo.

Ohlone could choose to investigate whether Nardolillo has violated board ethics policies, but the sense I got today is they’re happy to let the DA investigate. I’ll have a story in tomorrow’s paper.

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  • Cindy

    It was interesting – I went to the DA’s office at the Fremont Justice Center yesterday to file a complaint but they said I would have to file a complaint with the Police Department and the police would file the complaint. So I was going to call the FPPC today but saw your post first – well done them!!!

  • Robert

    Interesting..let’s see how it develops.

  • Moe

    It’s very disappointing that this action took so many years. Everyone had suspicions but did nothing.

  • Dean

    The front page report in the 3/31 issue of the Argus is a bunch of “BS”. The Board President should have called a meeting and requested his resignation. But no, the “good old boy” network strikes again. They have known for years he doesn’t live in Fremont. Having a homeowner’s exemption on his place in Livermore is proof that he lives there. You have to state that this is your principle residence to receive one from the county.

  • Audrey

    This is terrible! I have to agree with Dean’s comments. Sounds like the board is just sliding the issue under the rug. I feel like I was lied to, I mean I went to Ohlone for a semester in 2006. Wow I’m shocked

  • Justwatching

    After reading todays article, it seems several folks new about this issue but decided to not pursue any investigation. A twist on the City of Bell’s ethics. All involved in what appears to have taken choice to look the other way should be investigated.

    I guess they will say they didn’t knowingly turn away from a possible issue regarding a board members residency.