District Attorney opens investigation into Nardolillo

nardoWe got confirmation today that the DA is investigating. No response from Nardolillo.

Ohlone could choose to investigate whether Nardolillo has violated board ethics policies, but the sense I got today is they’re happy to let the DA investigate. I’ll have a story in tomorrow’s paper.

Matt Artz


  1. It was interesting – I went to the DA’s office at the Fremont Justice Center yesterday to file a complaint but they said I would have to file a complaint with the Police Department and the police would file the complaint. So I was going to call the FPPC today but saw your post first – well done them!!!

  2. It’s very disappointing that this action took so many years. Everyone had suspicions but did nothing.

  3. The front page report in the 3/31 issue of the Argus is a bunch of “BS”. The Board President should have called a meeting and requested his resignation. But no, the “good old boy” network strikes again. They have known for years he doesn’t live in Fremont. Having a homeowner’s exemption on his place in Livermore is proof that he lives there. You have to state that this is your principle residence to receive one from the county.

  4. This is terrible! I have to agree with Dean’s comments. Sounds like the board is just sliding the issue under the rug. I feel like I was lied to, I mean I went to Ohlone for a semester in 2006. Wow I’m shocked

  5. After reading todays article, it seems several folks new about this issue but decided to not pursue any investigation. A twist on the City of Bell’s ethics. All involved in what appears to have taken choice to look the other way should be investigated.

    I guess they will say they didn’t knowingly turn away from a possible issue regarding a board members residency.

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