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fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Police arrested a man they had been seeking in connection with a vehicle theft after staking out his brother’s house.

Police scolded a mom on Deep Creek Road Tuesday for lying to them about her son’s whereabouts. She told officers she didn’t where her son was. Turned out he was standing in the hallway, and that’s where police arrested him for a felony warrant.

From the world of cricket:
Not to be a jinx, but it looks like it’ll be India vs Sri Lanka in World Cup Finals. Pakistan needs 176 runs with 8 wickets remaining. It would take the A’s four months to catch up.

From the world of free food:
Today is Bob Wasserman’s State of the City address. There’s no live blogging at the Fremont Marriott, but I can pretty much give you the entire speech in advance. Wasserman will lay out all the crap — he’ll chalks on an extra five minutes to this part when the city is seeking a parcel tax. Then he’ll talk about all the good stuff like the opening of yet another Applebees or a new auto dealership or construction of a new movie theater. Then he’ll say something hopeful. Then he’ll answer 1.5 questions from the Chamber people. Then we go home.

Matt Artz

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