Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

Cops were responded a bit too late to catch a crook who burglarized a home on the 38200 block of Hastings Street.

A security check at the Train Depot in Centerville turned up a shady person with an outstanding warrant. Cops arrested him.

A one-year-old pushed out the screen to his grandma’s second floor apartment window and fell out onto some ivy. The rugrat was unhurt. The incident was at the Pinebrook Apartments in beautiful Centerville.

A perp or perps entered a home on the 600 block of Sylvaner through the kitchen window.  As an alarm sounded, He/they quickly left with some cash through a sliding glass door in the bedroom.

From the wire:

Tesla is featured in this article about whether taxpayers subsidies for energy efficient cars will really create jobs.

Matt Artz