Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Burglars didn’t mess around rumaging through a home on Linaria Circle near Stevenson Boulevard and I-880. They even tore through the freezer and the attic before making off with watches and designer handbags.

Meanwhile on Frobisher Drive in Cabrillo, burglars entered a home through the bathroom window and left with a laptop and a television.

And on Clarence Way in Mission San Jose south, burglars shattered a rear sliding door before making a giant mess of the master bedroom, grabbing cash and some other stuff.


Unprepared reporter

I forgot to bring a notepad to an event today. I did bring a laptop, but it didn’t work so well for a backyard interview. Thanks to Gary Wolff of Stopwaste.org for lending me two hands, and to Anda Chu for documenting my forgetfulness.



Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Two young perps were arrested at Central Avenue and Blacow Road for possessing a tire iron and locked folding blade knife amid suspicious circumstances.

17-year-old Safa Qutob left home around 7:00 PM for a walk around her north Ardenwood neighborhood and has not returned home. Safa has the mental capacity of a 13 to 14-year-old. Safa is 5′ 02, 110 pounds, short dark hair; last seen wearing a grey hooded zip-up jacket and dark blue jeans. If located, please contact the Fremont Police Department at 510 790 6800.

From the wire

Hayward to Fremont pursuit
Fremont Bulletin’s story on Fremont’s new budget consultant.


Diversity in the East Bay

If diversity is a strength then Hayward can kick Fremont’s butt. so can Ashland, Pittsburg and Fremont’s soon to be sister in intermodal rail yard facilities, Lathrop.

Here’s the state” most diverse pockets from no less a source than USA Today’s diversity index:

1. Fruitridge Pocket CDP(unincorporated Sacramento County)
2. Carson city (LA county)
3. Ashland CDP
4. Hayward city
5. Parkway CDP
6. Gardena city
7. Pittsburg city
8. San Pablo city
9. Richmond city
10. Lemon Hill CDP Continue Reading


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

A driver called police that he/she was being followed by another driver in a dark gray Dodge Caravan around Paseo Padre Parkway and Peralta Boulevard. The driver called the cops with the stalker’s plate. The car was stolen, and when cops stopped it, the driver took off running. But an officer found him behind Centerville Junior High School. The driver was a 17-year-old with a criminal history. 

Someone who attended a larg party of Blacow Road decided to challenge two officers, who had arrived to investigate reports of loud noise. The struggle was brief, no word yet on the jail sentence.

A resident around Ross Common and Wainright Terrace called the cops that two men had just kicked in his front door but ran away after seeing he was home. Officers ARRIVED IN TWO MINUTES, but didn’t locate the duo.


Washington Hospital’s Farber NOT the highest paid public hospital chief in California

farberWashington Hospital CEO Nancy Farber has been ranked far and away the highest paid public employee in our chain’s annual surveys over the past two years

Earlier this month the LA Times and SF Chronicle reported that Farber at that point was the highest paid public employee in an ongoing state Controller’s Office audit of special government districts.

But the audit won’t be completed until June, and late this week, the largest hospital district in the state Palomar Pomerado Health reported its salaries. Palomar’s CEO Michael Covert made just over $1 million compared to Farber’s $873,598.

The Washington folks want you to know that:
1) While hospital districts are public, that’s why you vote for the hospital board members, salaries are paid through hospital operations, not tax dollars, like say with Highland Hospital.
2) Hospital profits have been soaring –mostly due to the hospital charging more to insurance companies — and the hospital does pump some of that money back into charity care.

However, just because Farber almost gets as much as the district hospital CEO in San Diego, that doesn’t mean the two districts are nearly equal.

Palomar has about 4,000 full time equivalent employees, compared to Washington’s estimated 1,500. Palomar has 656 beds to Washington’s 339, and Palomar has two hospitals and two skilled nursing centers compared to Washington’s one hospital. Also, Palomar serves a region that is more than 850 square miles. Washington serves the Tri-City are, Sunol and a bit of Hayward.


Ishan Shah writes the news

Fremont wunderkind Ishan Shah got his first article published online today. Not surprisingly, it’s an opinion piece. And it concerns someone I know a lot about: Rep. Peter King, R – New York.

King’s been in the news a lot because he’s chairing hearings investigating whether American Muslims are becoming radicalized terrorists.

My first volunteering gig was working to keep King from ever going to Congress. I volunteered for King’s Democratic opponent in 1992 — the year King was first elected and the year Ishan was born.

My job was mostly to visit libraries and get all the old newspaper clips about King on microfilm and microfiche. No Internet back then. Ironically in that campaign, we cast King as the terrorist sympathizer.

King was a very public supporter of the IRA, and that was back when it was blowing up London and Northern Ireland. But the IRA was pretty darn popular in that part of Long Island, which is home to many Irish and Italian Catholics. You’d see a lot of those 26 + 6 = 1 bumper stickers, which meant that the British should get their wanker arses out of Northern Ireland.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
An officer stopped a car with no front plate filled with four very compliant car thieves. They all confessed to stealing a car that they had just left on Peralta Boulevard, not far from the Carl’s Junior where the cop stopped them. They pointed out the stolen car and admitted taking the rims and putting them on another car nearby.

From the wire:

Everything you every wanted to know about the school board’s rejection of Angels in America
Fremont man killed in Livermore road rage incident.

From the Planning Commission:
After quite a hiatus, the commission met last night, and, I’m sure, approved a plan to fill the Dumbarton Quarry with 1.5 million cubic yards of earth – that’s equivalent to like Pluto. After it all goes down the hole, there will still be about 100 feet left to fill water. Then Fremont will have a new regional park near the bay shore.